Sorry... dear heart - a poem


Are you alone there my dear heart?
Trembling day and night in that chamber of darkness
Imprisoned in the cage of my ribs
Then I am here your cruel master
Equally drenched in the mute sorrow of loneliness
Punished by the Heaven,
For my sins to you

My dear leaf of love...
Have the patience to stand near me to hear
With sharpened ears of a Vicar
The whispers of my confession
The confession of your merciless master.

Once at the threshold of your courtyard
Waited many of your guests
But was arrogant to give them away the golden key
With which I locked your golden door
And never their warm tears or silent sob
Moved me a bit or melted me a drop.

You with sheer loyalty, pulsed for me without a pause
But I, with little gratitude
Pricked you ever and anon
You filled me with life while I filled you with numbness
And in your ledger for 'wages received'
I never made a single entry.

Today I am helpless to repay you
For life made me cold, my brain inflexible!
As work with out wages is to death without salvation
I cut these strings and make you free
From pumping day and night
My frozen blood of love.

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