Soul Fully Written.

Soul fully written.



The soul is a picture
from which we pour images
into puddles of words on a page,
black with rage sometimes
with globs of evil mixed in,
tantalizingly sweet
with passionate expressions
caressing one's mind
or smooth and cool thoughts
making flowery patterns
on the surface,
with deep roots
spreading underneath...
ordinary days can be made
to manifest words of exquisite flow....
poetry has often ended my day
like a fingernail moon
scratching brilliance
across the ink of despair
with a sliver of light,
thus my night was less profound
and much more dreamy
and when our last poem
is etched onto the final page
and our breath is
as silent as our pen
our soul will again be
poured out of it's humble shell
and sail like the lilt
of a poems finest lines
gathering up Godspeed and
flying far beyond the horizons
to the grand muse
who had sent us
simply to enlighten
in a world of dark times
and who now rewards us
with his eternally light
verses as promised.


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