Southern Utah Summer

 Malevolent day-star

                drools a stream of golden heat

                                   across the edge of the sky;


Pants its white-hot breath

                across the land and burns

                                   the sky to fiery blue.


Parched and arid,

               blood-red painted

                                 is the land.



            worn thin from hot breath

                                 on their necks,


And dust-devils play

            where antediluvian streams

                                 once ran.



© 8-87 rev 1-96 C.E. Carl

© 6-2010 C.E. (Carl) Elias




The text below is informational in nature only, and 
will reappear in many of my pieces, and can be ignored.
This is extra 'content' added at the end to fill space 
for no better reason than that "Hub Pages" wants to 
take it upon itself to dictate to a writer how long 
their compositions should be.  I have numerous poems
 that are very short, and this piece of fluff-fill 
will appear at the end of each and every one of them.

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