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Spiderman 3

Above is a great slide show of Spiderman Wallpaper that any Spiderman fan is sure to enjoy. Spiderman 3 was a 2007 Super Hero Film that has developed quite a large cult following. The movie is based on the fictional Marvel Comics Super Hero Spiderman.

Toby Maquire plays the part of Peter Parker who's alter ego is Spider-man. Kirsten Dunst plays the part of Mary Jane Watson who is Peters on screen girlfriend.

The FX channel signed a five year deal for the television rights to Spiderman 3 which they began showing in 2009. The film has been a huge success for the FX Channel.

Overall you can say the film has been and continues to be a success but not quite what was originally thought about the film. Over all the film has an approval rating of 62 percent.

Overall Spider Man 3 received a B from the 14 Major Film Critics. Most critics of the movie say it has too many story lines and that the movie is to hard to follow along with unless you really pay attention. Most critics of the movie say that the movie should have had a lot fewer characters and oly one or two story lines. Most complained that they got lost in the movie.

Younger children still enjoy the movie though mostly for the action scenes and the really cool costumes.


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World Premier Of Spiderman 3

Tobey Maguire greets fans at the premiere in Queens, New York.
Tobey Maguire greets fans at the premiere in Queens, New York.

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it my fev film

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