Spirit Of 67~~~~~~~Summer Of death.

Spirit of 67-Summer of death.

on March 9, 2002. ©~MFB III

I met a man
and he murdered me
in Vietnam,
in a heated rush
through the tangled brush
I was just nineteen
he was Uncle Sam.

Under heavy fire
I tripped a wire
and it mangled me
into a jigsaw man.

They shipped

me home
almost 80 lbs.
all very organ-nized
whatever they could find,
chunks of flesh and bone
bagged and

boxed up tight
with a U.S. Flag
the rest left behind.

They buried me

with full honors
near the place

where I grew up

I got a

blackjack salute
and the rest of me
dissappeared with time
back where I blew up
under jungle roots.

But what

that awful war
pulled asunder
God will soon restore
I'll be rejoined
and then.........
Ressurection day
will find me complete
like I was before
just nineteen again

=*= =*= =*= =*= =*= =*= -

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