Staying the Course

Staying the Course

Here is a short inspirational poem that I wrote and want to share with the world. It helped me through some tough times. I hope it helps you too. Enjoy and be inspired!

Staying the course with every step I take.

The light shines bright.

When one door closes another one opens.

Behind me the light fades.

But ahead a new day.

Another chance to get it right.

In the dark awaits failure with every step.

Around every corner, lurking and waiting.

Behold, right on time, again another day.

Another chance to stay the course, while footsteps from the dark.

Light prevails from above and always on time.

Never late and without fanfare.

Truth lies ahead, sometimes during, sometimes after the rain.

Again I rise, staying the course sending darkness

And, its' helpers back, never to return.

Another battle won, just in time.

Another day granted.

Another chance to stay the course.


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