Stick Figures.

stick figures.

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stick figures
are the
only art
that represents
the hungry
the victims of
their large eyes
peering out
from dessicated bodies
like hangman sketches
not yet hung
arms and legs
all bony protrubrances
jutting at odd angles
the only thing bloated
are the stomachs
of the babies
a mockery of
the emptiness within
there are stick figures
all over the world
the kindling of poverty
as the hunger burns
they evaporate
and more take their place
children draw
stick figures
never knowing such
people exist
I often wonder what
starving children
would draw
round fat figures
with big smiles
and bellies full
of graphitication??
stick figures
should remind us
whenever we view them
to help feed the hungry
and erase the
lines drawn
to soup kitchens
and dumpsters
creating a panoramic
and happier view
of the less fortunate


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