An Old Man's Memory (House Of Horrors Part 1)

Your inner voice has finally been heard
Finally sounding above the amnesia you claim
But these day's your recollections are slightly blurred,
By the ages rubbing down the wood, wearing on the grain
Amnesia grants you the gift to forget the tragedies that once occurred.

Treasure your precious mental artefacts
Seen through clouded nostalgic cataracts
As time reclaims your memory
And you lose those hard earned treasured territories
As your mind's cities fall
And it's empire's succumb to revolution
Until all you once had it's gone
And death becomes your sole solution

Lost in the abyss within your mind
To bless you by ending your frail mortality
And so end up one more fatality
Would really be too kind

So maybe you should be reminded,
Of why you've lost all chance of hope
And why we so gladly decided
To see you (soon) dancing from the rope

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shanmarie profile image

shanmarie 20 months ago from Texas

Wow. Gripping description. I am at a loss for words to describe it.

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