Catching Fire- the sequel to The Hunger Games

If you are looking for a new book series to follow this is it! I'm a hardcore fan of Harry Potter, Twilight, and many other fantasy series ( and I have to say that this series ranks right up there! The sequel to The Hunger Games is called Catching Fire, and really it is burning up hot! I cannot wait until the third book comes out next year.

In the sequel  to The Hunger Games Katniss finds herself back at home in district 12 and everything has changed! (read about The Hunger Games a victor she has new privileges and a life of comfort and wealth, something she had never had before, but life is anything but a bed of roses. Watching her best friend Gale struggle is painful as he refuses to let her help with money.  Not only that, her relationship with Peeta is strained to say the least. She also has to prepare for and perform the victory tour around to all the districts and return back to The Capitol. With a visit from the evil President Snow, Katniss learns that her performance in the games has put her and her family in grave danger as the president is not happy with the results. He threatens to destroy everyone she loves if she doesn't act the way The Capitol wishes her to act on the Victor's Tour. As she tours the country she is faced with meeting the families and districts of the other competitors from the games, an aspect that fills her with dread. Nightmares of the games have also begun to relentlessly saturate her nights and haunt her constantly.

  Another event that Panem is preparing for is the 75 Hunger Games. Every quarter The Hunger Games is heightened as President Snow adds a dangerous new twist to games in order to "celebrate" and show his dominance over the people of Panem. As a victor Katniss finds herself wondering which child in her district she will have to train next for the onslaught. The suspense only grows as you read Catching Fire. I found myself feeling every range of emotion. I bit my nails to stubble with Katniss as she walked a dangerous rope through the tour and then into even more danger. The book ends with a cliff hanger and me banging my head against the wall as I wait, not very patiently, for the third installment to come out next year. I hope I am rewarded with a midnight release party when the time comes!

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Lissa Lynn profile image

Lissa Lynn 6 years ago from upstate NY

I really do have to check out these books, sounds great! :)

Keira7 6 years ago

Thanks for the info and I will be checking out this book. Thank you.

Josh 5 years ago

I started reading it yesterday!!! MWA HA HA!! All the books are out!! No waiting!!

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

Oooooooh....come back and tell me how you like them! :D

Alex$98 5 years ago

This place looks kinda abandoned. You should advertise on your other sites MissE!!

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

I had it on the other one and then the Hub police told me I had too many links so I took it off. I found out later than the links they didn't want were to outside sites, so I need to put it back on there!

Alex$98 5 years ago

Hey MissE. In case you didn't see my goodbye post, I wanted to tell you thanks for the websites. They were a lot of fun. Love ya, down with the Capitol, and may the odds ever be in your favor. :)

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

What is going on? Why are you leaving?

Alex$98 5 years ago

Didn't you see the comments? I don't like drama in the first place and Ella got pissed off and told me to get off the sight because I was getting in the way of her "lovefest" between her, les 7091, katniss 2013, and Lucy Robinson. She didn't have a good reason, she just said I posting annoying stuff. But whatever, I don't wanna have to put up with people like that so... Yeah I apparently got kicked off the sight. My last post was kinda like an Oscar speech though. I maybe over did it. I could probably talk to you on this sight. Thanks. :)

Cali-frickin-fornia gurl 5 years ago

Hey MissE. I don't mean to sound like a whiner, but the other site isn't exactly focused on the books, more on how the awesome group loves one another. I also think it's wrong for them to tell people to get off the sight like Alex$98, hunger98, and other people too. Can you please deal with it? Thanks and may the odds ever be in your favor. :-)

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

Alex$98- You're going to let someone else kick you off MY site? I love your comments. You're free to do what you want, but I'd love to hear more from ya.

Cali-frickin-fornia gurl- Yeah, it got a little crazy. I'm going to have to go through and delete all the comments that aren't related to the movie/books. Sometimes people get a little crazy! :)

kara and britt 5 years ago

so if there making a movie for the hunger games are they gonna make a movie for catching fire and mockinjay?????

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

That will depend on how well the first one does. I hope so!

AnnieLuvsCandy profile image

AnnieLuvsCandy 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

HEYYY, this is actually Annie 1 from your other site, but I got a HubPages account so here I am!!! In case you didnt see, lots of people are leaving your other site because of Drama, and Lena is back and worse than ever!!!!!!!!!! She told me to get off the site!!!!!!!! It's getting ridiculous!!!!! I came here because of the books, not to get involved in an online soap opera (according to my best friend my whole LIFE is a soap opera!!!)

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

Hi Annie! My only suggestion is to ignore her. People who create drama are looking for attention. The only way to stop it is to ignore it. Welcome to The Hub!

Hungergames ultimate fan 5 years ago

Do you think Selena Gomez should play a character or a minor character in catching fire

Kitty cat >.. 5 years ago

Princess Kate and Prince William's wedding was beautiful

Btw my nana is older than the queen just ;O

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

I like Selena Gomez more than most Disney/Nick stars. I'd be fine with her having a minor role.

How old is the Queen?

Kitty cat >.. 5 years ago

The queen just turned 85

My great nana is 86 in October I think but she is alive

Kitty cat >..<  5 years ago

Again this couldn't happen btw it's Hungergames ultimate fan

Hungerges ultimate fan  5 years ago

It worked

The characters don't suit the actors in the first movie except prim =•D

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author first glance. We'll see what happens with a little hair and make up. My grandmother is also 85.

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