Still Waters Run Deep

Still waters run deep

in the trials of our minds,

with the battles and challenges

that we strive to complete.

With memories gone by

in the shadows of our past,

and with the hopes of our future

we all seem to grasp.

Still waters run deep

with the pain and the knowing,

that life's hurdles thrown at us

are there to remind us.

What we once had,

how we once lost,

how we now live

and how we now love.

Still waters run deep

as we are reminded of that first kiss,

your wonderful smile,

your gift of love

the fact that you remain to be who you are.

Still waters run deep

with the meaning of life,

with the knowing each breath

gives us reason to be,

reason to share

and reason to forsake.


Still waters run deep

with the memories of loss,

and the faith of rebirth

that wraps it's heavenly arms

around our gentle souls.

To caress us and love us

and to protect us from doubt.

Still waters run deep,

Still waters run deep

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peter.matthews profile image

peter.matthews 5 years ago from West Sussex, England Author

Thank you for your kind comment Shadowprancer. It is much appreciated

shadowprancer profile image

shadowprancer 5 years ago from Washington

A beautiful poem. The repetition is like the timelessness of a lake.

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