The Power of Stories

Stories have a remarkable ability to cut through the clutter and confusion, to bring clarity to our hearts and minds. Stories remind us of our values, our goals, of triumphs, of where we came from, of who we are, our expriences, our hopes and our journeys traveled. Stories sneak beyond judgement and open us up to new truths. Stories are what forms the future. Because without knowing our history how could even think about having a future?

Stories are important. As important as air and water.

Stories ignite the imagination, lift our spirits, and can give us hope. Stories introduce us to who we are, and who we are capable of being. A simple story can change lives.

If you want to win people over to your point of view, do not argue with them- tell them a story. Think about it, when did you ever hear a great speech that didn't have a story in it? All great leaders understand the inspirational power of stories.

A story can do anything: encourage the discouraged, bring comfort, transform an enemy into a friend, inspire love, elevate one's consciousness, and even reshape lives.

We hold the most powerful and influential position in any tribe, society, or civilization. We are Storytellers. The future depends on us. What will your story be? What does your story tell about you?

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