Straight Talk about "Demon: A Memoir"

Demon: A Memoir
Demon: A Memoir

Straight Talk About Christian Fiction

I could not put this book down. We had company and I found myself stealing away to read it.

Lee weaves a very creepy and chilling homage to C. S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters” with “Demon, A Memoir.” Yet she does this with her own unique and I dare say powerful style. Now this isn’t C.S. Lewis, or Shakespeare or even Stephen King (before his writing became so filled with profanity I stopped reading him). However—it’s a great scary, intriguing, spellbinding look into what a demon might write regarding God, creation and the Bible.

Lee sets a stage of paranoia, chills, and the idea that pure evil can hide behind even the most ordinary things…or people.

I read two or three books at a time usually, but I’m not a fast—as in—get to the end of the book swiftly—reader. However, I finished this book in less than three days—a virtual record for me.

I became very involved with the main character Clay and actually cared about him and his miserable existence. And I was fascinated while at the same time, repulsed, by Lucian.

I was also impressed by the Biblically accurate reverse logic of Lucian’s narrative as he gave it to Clay ala “Screwtape Letter.”

I do not recommend reading this book alone. The author succeeded in giving me the creeps all while leaving me obsessed with wanting to find out what would happen next. I was actually disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be a sequel, even though I knew, in the end, the plot was totally wrapped up.

That also is a tip of my hat for the author. When “Demon” was all said and done, she definitely left me wanting more!

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