Stray & Eggshell


I run!

Being chased by dogs, cars, and humans

I catch my breath,

Not trusting anybody or anything

I am afraid,

but I feel safer when the night is here

My food is scarce,

I eat what's left over in the trash

I meow alone.



I'm young,

A chick inside its eggshell

I haven't seen the world

But unlike the embryo

Emotions run up a storm

I've cried like a weeping willow and laughed like a laughing hyena

Been as angry as a mother hen protecting her young

And I've slept like a bear in hibernation

And even though I've been through a lot

I haven't yet broken through the shell

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Extinct Soul profile image

Extinct Soul 5 years ago from 14°35'N 121°0'E

I'll meow with

cute hub! ^_^

avalencia_25 profile image

avalencia_25 5 years ago from California Author

:) thanks

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