Studio 54

 Hey cool cat, with your black slacks looking out of whack

Let me take you back, way back to the fact

Lite up floors, beaded up doors, platforms galore

Music done right, out of sight let's boogie oogie tonight

The big boss on the right with his posse in sight

Velour suits in the light, say dig it dog

I don't know what the kind is, but it was filled with smog

The coolest vibe you will get, with the craziest people you ever met

You better be prepared you never know who you will see

If they take out a black briefcase you better take heed

The coolest hangout you will ever get to see

Filled with stars and filled with the most scenes

Fashion wasn't just a name it was the word

Just imagine the sequin's, the bell bottoms, and the curls

You weren't somebody till you were in

Now they know that your not some kid

The biggest place you have ever seen

No wonder why it got busted for it's illegal scene

When the music starts you can't stop dancing

You don't get out till your feet stop prancing

Secret little rooms that would put you in the mood

Be careful you don't leave the room it may be too soon

The glitz, the glamour is always a show, but be careful it doesn't blind the host

You never knew how you got out

The cops always spotted the count

I wish I would have seen the day

Hoping it would save the stage

You walked in on a high

To come out unadvised

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cherrycrime26 5 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

This movie was really cool, I actually met one of the owners, when I lived in NYC :)

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