Such A Young Life

A Young Life

It's hard to think you're gone.

Every morning at the break of dawn

I think of you, when I wake

And hope that it's all fake

but then I realize and it aches

to think I'll never see you again.

I guess its God's plan

Its a lot more grand

then we know

that's why you had to go

To a better place

With only peace

Peace in your heart

Peace in your soul.

Where your soul can rest

And feel your best for eternity.

You will be

with God and the angels

Just watching over us

No more worries

No more doubts

No more pain

As you watch the rain,

Look over us.

We'll look for you

in the sunrises

the Mountain heights

the Ocean breezes

and the starry nights.

Rest in Holy peace, always.

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KatrineDalMonte 4 years ago

It'so sad, young life cut short, it breaks my heart..

God has a plan, YES, for all of us. Since it's HIM who decides, let's just make the best of what we have, best of what we are, and what life gives us...

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