Sugar, Sex & Cigarettes


Flat on my back,
In my girlfriend's kitchen
It's only when you stop screaming

That any body listens

My feet are numb
I guess that one was close

I'll agree that it's dumb

'til it' time for the next dose

I guess I could use,

your silver spoon and jewels,

The debt's never paid,

When you're playing by my rules

We're all destined to lose

So maybe I should cut you loose?

Arms black and blue,

My body won't stop shaking

It might just be time,
to start giving and not taking

Maybe we should try

To start loving and not hating

I hope that you'll be waiting.

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Mira Fang profile image

Mira Fang 2 years ago from Canada

'I guess I could use,

Your silver spoon and jewels'

The fuax reluctance, in regard to the allure of said spoon and jewels, is almost chilling. A very brave poem indeed.

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