Sunday Morning Casualties

Sunday Morning Casualties

Don't you dare open the curtains

The sunlight hurts my eyes

Looks like I lost my clothes last night,

can't say that I'm suprised

Was gonna have a quiet night

No I wasn't gonna drink

So why do I remember someone pissing in the sink

Yeah it's another sunday morning and I don't know where I am

I need a bloody mary but I'm not sure if I can stand

Please bartender open up it's pissing down with rain

I need something to ease my mind something to numb the pain

It started off so quietly

Yeah things were going fine

But then someone in the bathroom offered me a cheeky line

It happens every weekend

The nights become a blur

Getting drunk and crying cus I'm thinking about her

Oh it's another sunday morning and I don't know where I am

All I need's another drink then I'll be feeling grand

Please bartender open up I can't wait here anymore

Looking like a casualty and living like a whore

I just want someone to take me home

Because I don't think that I should be alone.

Won't somebody please take me home

I don't want to be left on my own, anymore.

To the weekend warriors, saturday soldiers and monday mourners..

91' - 2012'.

RIP Leo, this one's for you mate.
RIP Leo, this one's for you mate.

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