On my last holiday to South Africa, my daughter and I enjoyed a wonderful few days at the Sungubala Drakensberg Mountain Bush Lodge. A perfect place to experience the wonder of these magnificent mountains and highly recommended if you are looking for a comfortable, friendly, quiet, and even reasonably-priced place to stay (see photograph at the bottom of this hub).

This is one of the many poems inspired by the amazing surroundings.


Did you hear the cuckoo sing?

I thought I heard everything

Until I heard the magic of Sungubala

Did you hear the Piet My Vrou?

I didn't know where to go

Until I saw the Red Chest at Sungubala

Keeping your call with me

Walking from the path

Feeling safe with you

At Sungubala

Sungubala Drakensberg Mountain Bush Lodge.
Sungubala Drakensberg Mountain Bush Lodge.

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Scarface1300 3 years ago

A lovely poem set with a terrific backdrop of beautiful scenes... Chris

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