Swallowing Tears.


Swallowing tears.


"One of life's Most 
bitter of liquids pressed
even in the tiniest of increments.


Her eyes held

a sharp glance,
that could chew up
the center of your dreams
when she was

angry with you,
and a smile that would
set Pluto to blazing
in the warmth

of her gaze.


Each time

love filled her grin
she became a lovely

pair of petulant lips,
dewy and begging

to be kissed.

I was enraptured,
longing to teach
her two pupils bliss.

When passion flared
it was like a soft
open, mouthed sigh,

a heavenly chorus of two

So we shared
many incredible

views of love

and tastes of

love together..


But then....


Her eyes

closed one day, 
over a tight

lipped frown
tears dripping

along the edges
as she bid

me goodbye.

She would not
open her eyes
till I was gone
lest I'd notice
the cavities

I had left
by the dying light
of a love now blind
to all she once

cherished seeing.


Cling tightly to 

whoever graces your heart

with love lest you

wind up swallowing

pride and tears 

and choke

on the pain

you've brewed.





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