Swallowing The Truth Early.

Swallowing The Truth Early.

" We are all bound to die eventually, but if you are compelled to do so early, then make it easy for everyone, leave no mess behind for those who grieve to tidy up, it is enough of a burden to know that you could no longer stand thier company. "

Quite simply,

why prolong the agony?
Goodbyes are often

better left unsaid.

Find a quiet,

lovely place

to depart from,
perhaps where you

once shared your first kiss.

Mix 2 cups of

liquid Demerol,
or 1 cup of crushed

or Darvon with

some Black Velvet,
on the rocks much

like you life's become.

If you truly are dying

you most likely
will have this nectar

of the Gods to imbibe upon,...

or some variation

of it's toxic ingredients.

Then sit back

and bask in the
glorious memories

of your life now

being extinguished
as you sip your peace

rendering concoction
until you fade into

complete oblivion.

Someone will meet

you on the other side,
and once there you can

do whatever you wish,
not in dedication

to your previous life
but with all the lust

of a new life eternal.

But be warned that it

may leave you trapped forever

in the realm of the life

that you tried to flee,

watching the world go on

without your input.

just a mere shadow

of what you could have been

had you only stuck around.

And do not expect those

who you've abandoned early

to grieve for very long

over your selfish choice.

It is human nature

to set aside

such abbherations

from the mind quickly

because the pain is too

much to bear.

You will be just

another statistic

in the limbo of

many others like you

wishing they had

thought it over better.


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