Sweep Volume 1 Book Review


The best way for me to describe this book with one single words would have to be the word magic. Cate Tiernan managed to write a great book full of witches and many secrets that are revealed. It is a book of romance mixed with drama and a bit of action.

I had picked out this book merely on a whim and am proud to say that I really enjoyed it. She added some truths about pagan beliefs but also twisted some of them around to be more fictional based and even enjoyable for those who don't believe in such things or have different religions. This author has true skill that amazes me.


Basically this book involves a young teen girl who is named Morgan. Just as in any other book this girl lives a rather average life for a sixteen year old girl until she meets this boy named Cal, who changes everything in her life. She finds out secrets about her family and that she is a witch.. and so is Cal. But what we all wonder is can she really trust this Cal?

Volume 1

This is a book that basically includes three books of the Sweep Series called Book of Shadows, The Coven, and Blood Witch. I am actually a fan of books like these that way I can move one from one to another with out the hassle of having to buy several different books.

Four Stars

I would have to give this book for stars. In some ways I would like to say five but there are some places where I became bored and had to put the book down for a few. Besides that this book is well written and full of love, danger and magick. Three important things a book requires, at least for some of us readers. I say give this book a shot and come up with an opinion of your own.

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