Sweet Heart or (I'm Sweet on You)


Is my smile just

A little too sweet,

When it’s your name

That I hear?

Does my face begin to

Flush when suddenly,

You appear?

Does my heartbeat,

Grow faster whenever

You are near?

All day long do I

Sing songs that

Are meant for

No one else to hear?

The tunes I hum,

Do they cling to

Some romantic’s appeal?

Is it only your humor

That makes my

Laughter ring so crystal clear?

And even in my thoughts,

Are you the one that

Is always present there?

Do I long to

Run my fingers

Through your hair?

And tell me is it

Into your eyes alone

That I so wish to peer?

Is my smile too

Sweet when it’s

Your name that I hear?

The songs I sing

Are they meant for

Only you to hear?

And even in my

Thoughts are you

The one who is

Constantly present there?

Then let it be known

That you alone are the

One that my

Heart is holding Dear!

Sweet Heart or (I'm Sweet on You) by Daelyn H. Appleton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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sir_tallest profile image

sir_tallest 5 years ago

beautiful hub....love your poem

Daelyn H Appleton profile image

Daelyn H Appleton 5 years ago from Seattle, Washington USA Author

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

profile image

Abbie Rohr 5 years ago

i like your poem! it makes me want to write one!

celebritie profile image

celebritie 5 years ago

How cute I love it.

Daelyn H Appleton profile image

Daelyn H Appleton 5 years ago from Seattle, Washington USA Author

You guys are the greatest! I just love that you all like my poem. I wrote it a few years ago but never really shared it with anyone, so your feed back is just wonderful.Thanks!

Oh and Abbie if the urge strikes, you should definitely write a poem. They are so much fun.

EGS 5 years ago

Love it. You should put in a card and sell it. I would buy it. It's that good.

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