Sweet Little Baby

Sweet lil baby hush your cries.

Mommy will protect you until she dies.

Sweet lil baby I'll do my part to make sure you have the purest of hearts.

Sweet lil baby gaze at the sky.

Remember your lessons as each day passes by.

Sweet lil baby I'll sing you a song.

I promise you Mommy will never steer you wrong.

Sweet lil baby butter your bread!

Remember that people will play games with your head!

Sweet lil baby fly like a kite!

Soar through life with all of your might!

Sweet lil baby open up your ears.

Pay close attention to all of your peers.

Sweet lil baby keep sight of your dreams.

You can do anything, no matter how hard it may seem.

Sweet lil baby speak to the world with your voice.

The way you live your life will be your personal choice.

Sweet lil baby keep me in mind.

For you alone I would freeze time.


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