Sweet Mother

My Son Dave asks about the Chimps all the time but today,he has something special.

My little son came to me with a photograph of himself and the mother,he looked happy so i asked him why he don't want to leave the photograph in the album and his honest answer was like a stab to me.

Daddy he said, "this is a picture of me and mummy"

I know son,but go and put it back in the album

"No Dad,it is my precious photo because no one is like mummy"

He ran inside the room with the photograph while i kept wondering where on earth,my three years got the sense to understand that his mother is precious,this took me down the memory lane and back to when i was a little boy before death took it all away from me,while i was thinking about my own mother,he ran back outside and called on me;

"Daddy! Daddy!, i showed mummy our picture and she said that it is beautiful"

"Daddy,i love mummy"

I looked at him and smiled then he gave me back a wonderful smile,full of innocence,a bright smile that moved my heart, then i asked him,

David,don't you love me too?

"I love you too Daddy"

Then his final request sent me over to the internet because there is nothing like mother and i neded to give him insights. SWEET MOTHER!

"Daddy tell me about mummy" he said.

Okay,come over here,i began to tell him about his mummy and began showing him pictures of other kids with their mummies over the internet,you can't honestly believe the kind of excitement he displayed and how serious he was as he carefully glanced at every picture and listened to every word i said.

Mom's world


Mummy is the woman who gave you life

God Used her to bring you into the world

She carried you in her womb for nine months

You kicked and turned her up and down

But she made sure that you were safe and strong

She gave you a love no one else can give you

She reminds me of my own mummy all the time

My mom is your granny and she loves me too

She calls me son just like mom calls you son

Your mom wakes up very early to tend you

she makes sure that your food is well prepared

She fed you with the best milk at birth

Whenever you get sick,mom becomes worried

She is always awake while you sleep

She cries each time you cry

She prays for you all the time

And wishes that you grow and be like me

She has been there for you all the time

No one loves you more than mom

In you she sees her whole happiness

She is more than precious to you

She takes you to the beach to learn how to swim

She wishes that when she is not there anymore

You can swim any sea and every ocean

Dad,so mummy loves me too?

Yes she does,she said that it is her responsibility to make sure that you become a man,she calls it Child development and human relations.And her friend agrees with her,listen to her story.


A woman named Emily renewing her driver's license at the County Clerk's office was asked by the woman recorder to state her occupation. She hesitated, uncertain how to classify herself.

"What I mean is," explained the recorder, "do you have a job, or are you just a...

"Of course I have a job," snapped Emily. "I'm a mother."

"We don't list 'mother' as an occupation... 'housewife' covers it," said the recorder emphatically.

I forgot all about her story until one day I found myself in the same situation, this time at our own Town Hall. The Clerk was obviously a career woman, poised, efficient, and possessed of a high sounding title like, "Official Interrogator" or "Town Registrar." "What is your occupation?" she probed.

What made me say it, I do not know... The words simply popped out. "I'm a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations."

The clerk paused, ballpoint pen frozen in midair, and looked up as though she had not heard right.

I repeated the title slowly, emphasizing the most significant words. Then I stared with wonder as my pronouncement was written in bold, black ink on the official questionnaire.

"Might I ask," said the clerk with new interest, "just what you do in your field?"

Coolly, without any trace of fluster in my voice, I heard myself reply, "I have a continuing program of research, (what mother doesn't), in the laboratory and in the field, (normally I would have said indoors and out). I'm working for my Masters, (the whole darned family), and already have four credits, (all daughters). Of course, the job is one of the most demanding in the humanities, (any mother care to disagree?) and I often work 14 hours a day, (24 is more like it). But the job is more challenging than most run-of-the-mill careers and the rewards are more of a satisfaction rather than just money."

There was an increasing note of respect in the clerk's voice as she completed the form, stood up, and personally ushered me to the door.

As I drove into our driveway, buoyed up by my glamorous new career, I was greeted by my lab assistants - ages 13, 7, and 3. Upstairs I could hear our new experimental model, (a 6 month old baby), in the child-development program, testing out a new vocal pattern.

I felt triumphant! I had scored a beat on bureaucracy! And I had gone on the official records as someone more distinguished and indispensable to mankind than "just another mother."

Motherhood...What a glorious career! Especially when there's a title on the door.

Does this make grandmothers "Senior Research Associates in the field of Child Development and Human Relations" and great grandmothers "Executive Senior Research Associates"? I think so!!!

I also think it makes Aunts "Associate Research Assistants".

Dave,do you know who is this?

Rossimobis and Mom
Rossimobis and Mom

Song for Mama

Oh Mama, i wonder where you are
It's been long since you are gone
But i still remember all your love
Mama for all your cares
Mama the love you showed me
All that you did for me Mama
No one will ever take your place
Thank you for the nine months
The nine months of stress and pains
The nine months of restlessness
The nine months of nervousness
Oh Mama, i wonder what you are doing right now

Chorus: Thank you Mama for all that you did for me and no body can
ever take your place,you are just the one and only and i truly love
you,Thank you mama for everything

It is amazing to understand
That you carried me in your belly for nine months
I know you were worried about me
I know you were nervous about the whole situation
I know you always wanted to know that am alright
The Nine months of stress and pains
Thank you Mama for everything
Your due Date was full of anxiety
My Day of birth was full of pains
You labored to bring me into the World
Thank you so much for all you did
Mama the care you gave me

Chorus: Thank you Mama for all that you did for me and no body can
ever take your place,you are just the one and only and i truly love
you,Thank you mama for everything

Mama the love you showed me
No woman can ever take your place
No love is greater than yours
You are my amazing Mama
And i will always love you
You brought me into the World
You thought me right from wrong
I will always be the good son you want me to be
I will always love you till the end of time
On my forearm, your tattoo will remain
Oh Mama, i wonder where you are
It's been too long since you are gone

Chorus: Thank you Mama for all that you did for me and no body can
ever take your place,you are just the one and only and i truly love
you,Thank you mama for everything

"Dad,does Chimp have mummy"?

Yes son,chimp has mummy

"Does his mummy love him"?

Yes,just like mom love you.

"I want to see the chimp and its mom"

Okay Dave,here is the chimp and its mom

Sweet Mother

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udofowoke kehinde 6 years ago

there is no one like mother to me,no mather how poor she may be am proude to call her mother

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 6 years ago from Biafra Author

You are my amazing Mama

And i will always love you

You have a point and above is what i have for you.

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

Beautiful Hub. Nothing compares to a Mothers love.

I liked the story after the poem too.

Hope you are well.

Best Wishes.

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 6 years ago from Biafra Author

Sure Lady_E, it can't be compared nor compromised,there is nothing like that woman who suffered for nine months to bring one into this world.She is the HEROINE.

Thanks for coming over,will be at your hub in few minutes.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Great tribute to Sweet Mother! Thank you Rossimobis. Nothing to can compare!

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 6 years ago from Biafra Author

Glad to see you today Bro Micky.Ya nothing can be compared with mama and though we can't do much but all we have to do is to show that we appreciate.

Moulik Mistry profile image

Moulik Mistry 6 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

Oh, Mama Mia, this is wonderful writing...

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 6 years ago from Biafra Author

Thanks for coming over Moulik Mistry...Mama is wonderful so everything about her is MAMA MIA...

pmccray profile image

pmccray 6 years ago from Utah

Nothing can compare to a Mother's love. Great hub

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 6 years ago from Biafra Author

Nothing is stronger than Mom's love,u r right pmccray.

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 6 years ago from California

What a wonderful and touching hub! Thank you for this......Best, GPAGE

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 6 years ago from Biafra Author

Thanks to you too GPAGE,will be in your hob in few minutes.


oliversmum profile image

oliversmum 6 years ago from australia

Rossimobis. Hi. What a beautiful story and poem. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this hub. There is really nothing that compared to a Mothers love. The photographs are wonderful. Thank you. :) :)

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 6 years ago from Biafra Author

Thanks oliversmum,Mama...there is no one like you.

Mary 6 years ago

oooh this is great, there is nothing like mothers I mean they are wontherful, there is nothing to compare motherly love. Mobis you too are wontherful i think i love the story, may God bless you.

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 3 years ago from Biafra Author

I just saw ur comment today Mary and it has been here for 2yrs,thanks for coming over ok.

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    Dave and Mom

    Dear mama,there is none like you.

    A man stopped at a flower shop to order some flowers to be wired to his mother who lived two hundred miles away. 

    As he got out of his car he noticed a young girl sitting on the curb sobbing.

    He asked her what was wrong and she replied, "I wanted to buy a red rose for my mother.

    But I only have seventy-five cents, and a rose costs two dollars." 

    The man smiled and said, "Come on in with me. I'll buy you a rose."

    He bought the little girl her rose and ordered his own mother's flowers. 

    As they were leaving he offered the girl a ride home. 

    She said, "Yes, please! You can take me to my mother." 

    She directed him to a cemetery, where she placed the rose on a freshly dug grave.

    The man returned to the flower shop, canceled the wire order, picked up a bouquet and drove the two hundred miles to his mother's house.

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