Swept Away!

Swept Away


Swept away
so often by your
strong arms.

Lifted high in
the bright son of youth.

Your warm gaze
catching mine
as your lips
parted in a

fatherly conversation

like the red sea 
offering friendly


Laughter broke like
thunderous waves
against my ears
leading me
to the real you.

Of flesh and blood
and not the

man of sweat
and bone weary labor
dragging home
exhausted from an
sixty hour week.


just the grip
of your hand
over mine so small,
gave me a passion

to be just
like you and
make my own son
feel as wanted with
just a knowing glance
or a pat on the back
to say I was proud of him.

Mom could heal boo-boos
and share kisses and
cookies with a magical
grace and love.

She spread love like
peanut butter
and I seldom

went hungry.

But Dad you 

made me feel
important just because
you gave me a purpose.

Your outward show

of love was subdued
but it roared like
a panther in a cage,
and sometimes it leaked out
to my fingers
as you swept me up
howling with joy
into the bright
sun of my youth.
Love ya Dad....................©-MFB III


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Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

Poignant poem on parenthood.

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