I am a wrist watch and i was born some seventy years ago at a small own in Switzerland. In the light of one fine morning i was carried to Delhi with many of my brothers and cousins in a cargo. There I was kept in a showcase of a shop for a few days for sale.

One day a rich man came to the shop to buy a watch for himself. I was so much costly that is was not possible for everyone to afford. He chose me among my other brothers and at once wore me around his wrist.

At this, his face glittered with a bright smile of happiness. The gentleman took a great fancy to me. Gradually we began to like each other so much as to be almost regarded as inseparable friends. I remained with him for long five years.

One day, a servant of him stole me and kept me with him for a number of days. During this time he did not care to wind me and he kept me in a broken box at his house most negligently. Gradually my health and energy began to break down and I was failing to maintain actual time.

In disgust the thief decided to sell me and came to a shop for that purpose. The shopkeeper examined the watch again and again and looking at the seller's face doubtfully for sometime, told him to wait for a few minutes. By this time he went to the nearby police station and told the officer in-charge of his doubt. The officer in-charge sent a constable with him to arrest the thief.

I had to remain in the police custody for a few days during his trial. My lawful owner's name and address was known from his servant. When my friend, the rich man got back his most lovable thing, his delight was more than any language can express. Since then I have been living with him with peace and pleasure,

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    I never forget my childhood life. It was so nice and sweet that I will kept in my memories those days till the end of my life.I feel human life is one time chance you must enjoy and try to fulfilled your all desires and...

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ANOSH K ANU 3 years ago


Rounak 3 years ago

very useful autobiography

fdgg 3 years ago


ella 3 years ago

good autobiography

mona 3 years ago

nice autobiography

Tithi 3 years ago

Very very good.

bisma 2 years ago

i write biography in my home work

aahana 2 years ago

this is really awesome

durva 2 years ago

i wrote biography in my home work

vaishnavi 2 years ago

i read and wrote it in my project bk. it is a wonderful autobiography and expect others to read

vishu 2 years ago

I read it was great I wrote it in my homework

vishwam 2 years ago

It was great I read it and wrote it in my homework

sahana 2 years ago

great !!!but u could have written more interesting

Susmita 2 years ago

Nice!!!very useful autobiography

manu 2 years ago

this will remain nice autobiography for me

Priya 2 years ago

It is a very nice autobiography....!!

Aneesh 2 years ago

Aneesh I write this autobiography in my homework

allen 2 years ago


Rani 2 years ago


arshi fatima 2 years ago

gr8 story

syed kausar ali shah 2 years ago

Nice autobiography c. Insha Allah Iwill write it in my exam.

rajesh 2 years ago

It is very beautiful autobiography.

piyali manna 2 years ago

Gogious autobiography

blik 2 years ago

gud 1 i just luvd da story

Anushka Agarwal 2 years ago

I write this autobiography in my H.W it was really awesome

kunal 2 years ago

Its awesome I have written in my homework

Anchal 2 years ago

It is excellent essay.

And very good to know about it

mariyam 2 years ago

it is nice autobiography and it is useful also

payal 2 years ago

Useful autobiography!!!!

greesha 2 years ago

it is really nice autobiography...

shweta 2 years ago

Its interesting

Harnoor 2 years ago

Very good autobiography i have written it for homework

bhavika rajpal 2 years ago

Google goole my bulbul bulbul it is very useful n I wrote my homework

sarrah 24 months ago

It is an excellent autobiography I wrote it for my home work. My teacher loved it

Samiksha 23 months ago

A very nice autobiography

Very helpful for my holiday homework

Priyanka 23 months ago

It was really an interesting autobiography......... really loved reading it

Tamanna kurunzzz 23 months ago

i like so much and i wrote in my project.thankfull autiobiography

yashvi 23 months ago

wow wonderful autobiography I liked it very much! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karishma Patil 23 months ago

It was so interesting autobiography.

That was making me telling awesome.

It was interesting I liked it.

 22 months ago

Pakao autobiography

Rupsha Neiogi 22 months ago

autobiography was good but not useful

shaima 22 months ago

This is a useful autobiography iusw this for my homework

Tina 21 months ago

This is a useful autobiography for exam .

But So, pakao

sourav 21 months ago

tamon akta valo noi

Oorja Pandey 21 months ago

i did this Autobiography for my homework.

unknown 21 months ago


harsh 21 months ago


pari 20 months ago

useful for my exams

pari 20 months ago

useful for my exams

sadaf 20 months ago

thanks for such a beautiful essay that helped me in the exam

harsh 20 months ago

This is the best biography

This has helped for my homework.

popular 18 months ago

this help me in my homework.

gannigaa 17 months ago

I did for my homework

vipul 17 months ago

i did my tution h w

Semona S 17 months ago

I like this autobiography.

Ginia 16 months ago

This is very helpful...

sanskriti 16 months ago

Help my exam

jasmin 15 months ago

Nice I liked it!!*

daisy 15 months ago

Very useful and nice autobiography.

kuldeep 14 months ago

Very nice autobiography

Unknown 13 months ago


diya 13 months ago

very nice and understanding . I just love this autobiography

Nidhi 12 months ago

It was very exciting and Useful

Ravi jha 12 months ago

It's just amazing autobiography I got 30/30 in my project .

ananta 12 months ago

really good written but is usual

Monica Agarwal 9 months ago

Awesome autobiography , I like ............

anushka 9 months ago


i will write it in my exam

wish me luck

Srushti 8 months ago

Very nice!!!! And easy for students to understand

Abc 7 months ago

In the 4th paragraph it says that the shopkeeper examined the watch

But it should be a watch's point of view

rohan 6 months ago

nice autobiography

aryan 5 months ago

a good thing about god he is very good because the god helpus every time

Harsh 4 months ago

simple and easy but helpfull auto-biography.

akshay 4 months ago

it was good essay I used tution work

Surya Roy 2 months ago

Very good autobiography. Simple but very useful.

Angel azra 2 months ago

awesome!!!!very helpful for me

Helped me in my homework

Thank u!!!!

Hanzala Ahmed siddique 2 months ago

a auto biography really sute on non living


JECINTA JAYAN 5 weeks ago

very useful

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