The Dynamic Duo


By: Wayne Brown

Young Robin’s not wearing his green tights tonight

Batman is in coveralls; not expecting a fight

The Commissioner is lying in sleep so sublime

The back alleys are crawling with criminal slime

The Ol’ Joker lurks about ready with witty humor

A giant explosion in Gotham would be a real boomer

He plots and he plans with all his henchmen in tow

To lure the Caped Crusader into a trap don’t you know?

Riddler is out there posing his ponderous query

But if you figure the answers, there’s no need for worry

He’ll leave his questionable clues all in places behind him

In the hope that the Dynamic Duo will soon find them

The Penguin is a waddler with a full criminal strain

All dressed in his tuxedo, top hat, and cane

He’ll quack like a duck when his feathers get a ruffle

He lives to tangle with the Duo in a crime scene scuffle

Two-Face tries but really can never hide his hideous face

Obsessed with erasing the Dynamic Duo from time and space

He plays his criminal intent with the passion of his obsessions

Posed at the ready to teach Batman & Robin a lesson

Alfred sounds the alarm; there is a Bat Phone emergency

The Bat Signal illuminates the sky signaling the urgency

Quick Robin! Grab you tights and get to the Bat Cave

Put on your crime fighter belt; we’ve got Gotham to save

The criminals are all out together in their full force intent

Telling the Commissioner that he must now relent

Gotham will be theirs and a home to the nature of crime

But wait! What of the Dynamic Duo this time?

The Bat-Mobile rounds the corner with tires a-squeal

Robin is riding shotgun and Batman is at the wheel

The Riddler has posed a query in the sky it still floats

Robin solves the mystery….quickly to the Bat Boat!

The Commissioner and The Chief, they are hostages both

Held by the likes of all these criminal sloth

It’s the Dynamic Duo once again to enter the fight

And save Gotham’s leaders on this criminal night

The thugs are holed up at the lighthouse by the shore

They are demanding a ransom; a million dollars or more

Hold back the money and the hostages are toast

Don’t doubt our words, we’re serious, they boast

The Bat Boat slinks to the shore in the dark

Robin eyeing the Bat Scope for a good place to park

The Duo lights on the docks quiet as a mouse

Then climb the Bat Ropes to the top of the lighthouse

Batman and Robin drop in unannounced from above

With fisticuffs flying, the criminals they shove

Whack! Blam! Zap! And some upper cuts with style

Soon all the criminals are heaped into a pile

The hostages are freed and the ransom is not paid

The Duo has undermined the plot that was laid

And Gotham City’s finest celebrate until daylight

As the Duo drives the Bat Car off into the night

Back at the cave, Alfred awaits their stealthy return

With cookies and milk, and butter freshly churned

The crime suits will be hung back up in the cave

Until the call comes again to run out and save

Robin has showered and laundered his tights

Batman turns in and bids all a good night

Alfred will lock the doors and off to bed he will go

Another magnificent night for the Dynamic Duo!

© Copyright WBrown2011. All Rights Reserved.

© 2011 Wayne Brown

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Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

This was fun to read :)

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Just Ask to write too! Thanks! WB

K. Burns Darling profile image

K. Burns Darling 5 years ago from Orange County, California

OMG! I love this....I will be humming the Bat Theme for the rest of the day! Thanks for the smile! Voted up, funny, awesome, interesting!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@K.Burns Darling...So glad you liked it...I was feeling the urge to fight crime and this popped out! LOL! WB

profile image

Binaya.Ghimire 5 years ago

I remember the film, and you give a new twist to the popular imagery. Great stuff.

Dim Flaxenwick profile image

Dim Flaxenwick 5 years ago from Great Britain

Absolutely great stuff. Funny but Awesome ...!!!

The Frog Princess profile image

The Frog Princess 5 years ago from Florence area of the Great Pee Dee of South Carolina

Its fun to read your Batman Stuff. I can't wait for more fun to come on this Happy, sunny, Monday.

Keep up the great writing, my friend and tell your lovely wife hello.


Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Binaya.Ghimire...I always loved the old television version that was done so "tongue-in-cheek" with Adam West in the role of Batman. WB

@Dim Flaxenwick...Thank you for the kind words.WB

@The Frog Princess...Thanks, Donna....Glad you liked it and had fun with it. Barbara says "Hi!" back at ya! WB

Truckstop Sally profile image

Truckstop Sally 5 years ago

I try to use Whack! Blam! Zap! from Batman to teach onomatopoeia (words whose sound is imitative of the sound of the noise or action designated), but the kids only know the movie version of Batman and not the TV show where those words filled the screen during fighting. Kids these days! Ha!

Hey -- What about BatWoman? Didn't she help the boys a time or two? (and of course CatWoman too)

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Truckstop Sally...Boy am I ever I was publishing this today I thought to myself..."Amy's gonna want to know what happen to the Catwoman" Maybe I'll write another poem called "Shacked Up With Batman!" LOL! WB

Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

Wayne Brown, crime fighter extraordinaire! This was a fun read and I just love it. I am smiling and I needed to after a tough morning. Thanks, Hyph.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Hypenbird...So glad you got a smile out of it...tried to capture the Cape Crusader and faithful companion. WB

Truckstop Sally profile image

Truckstop Sally 5 years ago

Ha! Reading my mind - a little scary - huh? You didn't exactly call Catwoman a tramp. So, thanks for that! You know - behind every great man . . . is a supportive (or smart or beautiful or generous . . . take your pick or all) woman.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Truckstop Sally...head on over to YouTube and search for the song, "Tramp" by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas...lots of fun there! I'm a lover! yeah! WB

Becky 5 years ago


Truckstop Sally profile image

Truckstop Sally 5 years ago

Oh Wayne -- Carla is calling Otis the tramp! Hmmmm . . . the roles have reversed! You love that! And yes -- the Lover!!

When a Man Loves a Woman ( . . Maybe he's thinking These Arms of Mine ( have been Loving Too Long ( but That's How Strong My Love Is ( so I'll Try A Little Tenderness ( I Love You More Than Words Can Say ( to get some Satisfaction ( Open the Door ( because That is How Strong My Love Is ( . more than Cigarettes and Coffee ( . . For Your Precious Love Is More than Words Can Say ( . . Nobody Knows that I've Got Dreams and I Try A Little Tenderness ( though I've Been Loving You Too Long . . . while Sitting on the Dock of the Bay ( . . singing the Happy Song ( You are truly My Girl (

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Truckstop Sally...Woo...I think we done found us an my hub "Soul Suvivor" for more on Otis. WB

American Romance profile image

American Romance 5 years ago from America

fun stop screwing around and get after those pesky liberals! hahaha

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@American Romance...AR,I just upload my thoughts on the latest budget ceiling compromise. Of course it is not whether we have been duped but how badly...Stimulus Package #2 is now a reality. WB

drbj profile image

drbj 5 years ago from south Florida

Adam West was the best as Batman back in the day,

Rnbin was happy to help him in every which way.

The criminals quivered

They shook and they shivered.

Let's clean up DC with the Duo - what do you say?

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@drbj...Yes Robin, duh I mean Doc...he was indeed. I loved his pregnant pause of seriousness when they were confronted with a problem. I also loved Robin's pose with his hand-capped fisted glove. They were the perfect men in tights. WB

drbj profile image

drbj 5 years ago from south Florida

Wayne - (laughing) You got that right!

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 5 years ago

First I want to say that because of hubpages notification system, I have missed so much of your writing! I am so sorry. I wrote to them so I hope they fix the problem. Now I want to say that I love this poem. Send Batman to Washington to take on the Super Congress!!!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@breakfastpop...I don't go very long without an inspiration Poppy. Based on my traffic, I'd say that is true with a lot of folks I hear from. I don't see their traffic either...Democrats must be in charge! LOL! WB

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 5 years ago

Dear Wayne,

HP is located in Pelosi's town......

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 5 years ago

Fun read my friend, I loved watching Batman as a kid and all the movies that were made over time, so many of them were great. Adam West was my t.v. hero as Batman for sure. I also liked Bruce Lee in the Green Hornet to. Great video added here, gave it extra impact for sure.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@breakfastpop...Yeah, they demonitized one of my hubs for referring to her "collagen injected lips"...of course I didn't fix it! LOL! WB

@saddlerider1...Definitely, Adam West was the man when it came to Batman...Kapow! WB

Becky 5 years ago

I still like Adam West's old show better than the newer Batman movies. They were so darn campy they were hysterical. Of course, I was only 10 or so when they were new and we just loved to play Batman.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Becky...Yes, that series did Batman in a "tongue-in-cheek" fashion humorously portraying Batman's more intellectual moments but somehow holding on to control on the rest of the story. I also loved the "Zap" and "Kapow" which flew up on the screen as B & R fought the thugs in stripes with lone ranger masks over their eyes...what a hoot! WB

michael ely profile image

michael ely 5 years ago from Scotland

Hi Wayne, I like it. Really good.


Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@michael ely...Thanks, Michael...I thought about calling "Fun With Batman & Robin" but I don't like long titles! LOL! WB

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