THE END OF THE WORLD 2012? - What Happened?


So my son and I were watching a great show called "Decoded" last night and the 2012 episode on "The End Of The World" came on. We both sort of giggled to ourselves because the stars of the show and the people being interviewed were really freaked out and now it is 2013. I remember the morning of that "final date" and frankly I forgot about it! But the sad part is evidently quite a lot of people took it quite seriously.

There were mass suicides reported, people sold their homes, killed their pets, travelled places far away and who else knows what they did? Looking back and reflecting seems to bring out quite a bit of sadness. If I had not seen this show last night I would have actually forgotten about it. I searched google for some sort of answers and evidently there were a lot of horrible events and mass suicides.

Evidently in the mountains of Bengal, 32 cults committed mass suicide together by stabbing themselves. I'm sure there are so many more events that were never reported. The point is after all of the panic for most of 2012, it's as if nothing really happened and we all just "moved on."

The most interesting part about watching this episode filmed before the "actual day" is how you can see how prepared some people were to survive. I on the other hand did absolutely nothing to be prepared. It was like the "boy who cried wolf for me" since I felt like a fool after the Y2K scare many years ago. Yes, I bought loads of masking tape and whatever else! After listening to these "survivors" on the show I did learn about what could happen if food and water were limited and only some are prepared with back up supplies and survival plans. One thing that really stuck was one that really terrified me. The amount of days that they said people become dangerous when they run out of water and food. Just "4" days turns someone into a crazy surviver zombie. Just "4" days. Yes, I'm buying a gun....AGAIN.

So what else is there to worry about since that final date has come and gone? Well there are lots of things to worry about. There doesn't have to be an apocalypse to cause a huge panic and make people use guns for food and water. There are a lot of other things that can happen. Natural disasters is what we need to worry about. A massive solar flare can put us in this deadly position so you can't just use "earthquakes" as the only thing that could possibly happen. Depending on where you live, stores would run out of food and water in just a few days. Then what happens?


Some of the survival pros on the show mentioned a few good pointers. Create some sort of communication with friends in the neighborhood so you can all work together. Everyone should always have back up water and filters incase things go from bad to worse. If a solar flare were to happen and we had massive "blackouts," things could be down for a very long time. Think about what people would do to save their families? Especially in the city.

One thing I learned for sure is it is best to have some sort of "survival" plan in place. From back up water and food supplies, to other energy sources to cook with. How would you communicate if cell phone signals disappear? What is your plan? We don't have to go crazy and "over the top" but we should realize that power outages can happen and if they are really bad, they can go on for weeks. No grocery stores, no gas stations, no phone signals and no power.

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zombie not 3 years ago

stellar review !

cheaptrick profile image

cheaptrick 3 years ago from the bridge of sighs

Hi'a G.Did I read your going to buy a gun!?I'd like to recommend a long barrel nine shot 22lr revolver. Simple, accurate, easy to find ammo...very lethal. I love when you write like this lol.My plan has always been my boat and yes,lots of guns aboard.Never know when you may have to shoot a fish Ha!


Ausseye 3 years ago

Hey G: Did I see the screen go blank and OK corral come into the firing line....just kidding

Well if somebody cried wolf and I was the maid, or made man, in the wood I would run, run and yes run or should that have been rum, rum more rum…beats water anytime. Now here’s the rub we are going to run, yes run out of water, cause its going to evaporate into the atmosphere and the h or H is going to be taken out by the ultraviolet or violent light ….we are going to fight for water… seems a verse I remember, water, water every where but not a drop to drink. And yes a body may strike the earth, cause we are at risk of bodies, bodies everywhere but not a strike to pick. Us humans would make Hollywood look tame in a world where water was a rare quaintly , so thank Fredrick for science that is the god of the universe, claiming ignorance just like we all, but giving us a few details along the way that give movie vision or reflection in our glasses as we get old maybe 81 or more…..its 10 to the power of 68 more or less years away. So life goes on and we jump into the pool of life to make, song or merry.

drbj profile image

drbj 3 years ago from south Florida

Have you noticed, G, how many new films now showing depict some version of the ending of the world: 'Oblivion' ... 'Olympus Has Fallen' ... and a new one coming out with Brad Pitt? Do they know something we don't?

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 3 years ago from California Author

HEY DEAN! LOVE seeing your comments! Brings a big smile to my face!

I'm armed and ready!! To shoot a dehydrated zombie!! ha ha

All kidding aside, new films still coming out about "the end of the world!" Can we get a new date please? Just so I know when to buy lots of masking tape! AND survival supplies!!! All the best, G

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 3 years ago from California Author

Ausseye! Too funny!! Yes you always speak the truth in your own insightful way! Nomatter how we look at it, stuff is going to happen! But it is also a good idea to not live in "la la land" and then get stuck with nothing to protect us incase of a big world event......Anything can happen these days and it is so overcrowded in the cities......A few things can bring peace of mind ;) G

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 3 years ago from California Author


The way I see it is that "paranoia" makes money! I'm waiting for the next "end of the world" date so I can be prepared! It seems that we will never know....But the movies will definitely keep being made! The news will keep planting stories about the future! And consumers will get paranoid and buy more gear.......ha ha Take care, G

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 3 years ago from California Author

Thanks Zombie! Sorry I missed you above! :) GPAGE

limpet profile image

limpet 2 years ago from London England

The world may well have already ended at least with the loss of innocence, growing up in a family environment, sense of community.

Society has descened into the pit. Our city is now a dystopic nightmare with nobody cares and public be damned attitude.

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 2 years ago from California Author

Yes, so true limpet.......GPAGE

limpet profile image

limpet 2 years ago from London England

Around the start of the 1970 s we were treated (coutesy of Hollywood among other film companies) to just over a decade of shipwrecks, airliner incidents, earthquakes. tsunamies and meteorite collisions. AND we are still here, these current crops of armageddon type scenarios loaded with fake imagery just can't compete with the heyday of the movie industry, Having said that we have little tyme left to 'man the lifeboats' when the unexpected occurrs!

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 2 years ago from California Author

Very well said limpet.....a lot of imagery in this comment! Thanks for chiming in :) GPAGE

limpet profile image

limpet 13 months ago from London England

Still here! Many of us, anyway.

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 13 months ago from California Author

Very funny limpet!! Thanks for stopping in! GPAGE

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