The Haunted Soul 2: A Thandiubani Shortstory


......Immediately he came close, Miss Bello grabbed his trouser and began unzipping the zipper. It was a struggle that ended on a sad note for Jude.

“I will shout if you dare refuse me” Miss Bello blurted

“Shout for all I care” Jude let go her hand and rushed towards the door once again. This time, Miss Bello came rushing in her naked state. She grabbed his shirt and trouser, held on to it and began to scream.

“Rape! Rape!! Rape!!!” she shouted. Jude was like a thief caught in the act. He couldn’t believe his ears. He was stunned beyond imagination....

It was just like any other day. Jude was happy and enthusiastic about the new turn of events in his life. His many years of hard work seem to have paid off. He found himself at the top of his game. Now, he is an Expert Manager in one of the financial firms in Lagos. It is a story of grass to grace. After the death of his father, his mother was convicted for manslaughter but was released later on appeal. That didn't save her. Just a month after her release, she committed suicide and died. The ridicule, name-calling, ostracism and side talks drove her to the grave. She couldn't take it no more and took her own life. Jude was just 20 years when this happened. The oldest of his siblings, he had to face life with the loss of his parents and look after his other siblings. But life was more harsh and colder than trying to stay awake in the snow, naked. They fend from hand to mouth. He did all kinds of odd jobs to survive.

Suddenly, help stopped coming from his father’s brothers who took the opportunity to chase them away from their father’s house. It was terrible and much harder than trying to sell ice cube to an Eskimo. So began the long journey to the city of Lagos; a journey that brought great joy and pain. They became street beggars covering every nooks and cranes of the city in search of alms. Begging was fun and you have to put up an act and look so sickly to force people to help you. Haggard dressing, unkempt hair, and dirty robes grabbed the attention of passersby who walked the streets and roads of Lagos. Jude and his siblings were making money. But it all ended one fateful day when he did something extraordinary. He jumped in front of a moving bullet and got hit for another person. Why would he do such a foolish act?

As the gunmen on the motorbike sped off, the only thing on their mind was failure. Jude was in the pool of his own blood. The target of the assailants was a popular politician known for his philanthropy. He was shocked, dazed and dumbfounded. The four bullets missed the target but got lodged in the body of another innocent fellow. But in reality Jude never plunged his body before the bullet to save the man. He was merely running towards the man to beg for money on that fateful day. He recognized the man and his black Lexus Jeep as the one who always gave them huge sums of money each time he passed by the road. It was like a habit for him to give them huge sums of money. But that fateful day, it became another story. It became a story of grace, race and redemption that changed his life. Jude survived the bullet wounds and was immediately given what he never envisaged – a life of eternal comfort – yes his story changed. The Williams took him and his siblings as their own children. Jude and his siblings started life afresh. It was a life of affluence, comfort and great wealth. It was a life only possible in fairytale stories. He found his feet again and proceeded to the best of schools. But he didn’t know that just as the bad things of life do not last, so also the good things of life. This setback is about to ruin him, this sin of the past. He is about to relinquish many years of hard work, steadfastness, endurance and determination just because of some few minutes of pleasure.

It happened at the end of the Year Party organized by his company. It was a memorable one to be considering that God gave him and many others the grace to see the dawn of another new year. He was a man of honorary mention, respectful, godly and hardworking who climbed the ladder of success through thick and thorns. To say he paid his dues to life and suffering is an understatement. A man of unique features, his many reputable deals have brought profit and investment to the company and his expert analysis was sought after by almost every big firm. At the party, his name got mentioned for three different awards which he took home. It was a most proud day that later turned out to be the saddest day for him. Mrs. Jude was among the crowd of witnesses who cheered him on as he mounted the stage to give a brief talk. She was all smiles and very proud of her husband. A beautiful black woman with outstanding female physique, crystal white sparkling teeth, pointed nose and an enchanting oval face made Mrs. Jude majestic. Tall, hefty and with a bum protruding like the bumper of a big truck, she was mercilessly attractive. Jude was so proud and would even get jealous when he caught some men staring at his wife.

The party stretched through the long hours of the night. Miss Bello, the Managing Director of the firm was another woman of grace who shone at the party. She is a little short, but with striking and imposing figures. A round face and long black hairs, crunched small nose, full and big set of breast and a mighty bum that can magnet the eyes of an eunuch. Bello is the perfect boss. She is young, flashy and very sophisticated. Her thick voice would scare any soul at the height of her vexation and she never takes no for an answer. Bello was fondly called the Solid Madam because of her strong character and personality. She must be Jude’s age but her face look much more like that of a teenager. Ever since she met Jude, she refused to let go even when she found out he was married. All her tricks and demands have consistently fallen on deaf ears. Jude was a man of integrity and would never allow his image to be tainted. But what happens next will question his guts, morals and may be the end of the road for him.

“Don’t move” the sonorous voice of a woman cautioned. Jude just entered the office rest room to ease himself. He ran inside the room ignoring the voice. He let go the zip of his trouser and carried on his business.

The door of the restroom slammed and the bolt locked. It was a big room inside the well tiled and elegantly furnished corporate office. Four rooms merged in one, a big large mirror hung on the wall, a paper roll stalker, a ceramic wash-hand basin and a halogen bulb flashed snow colored light down the tiles. The wall Air-conditioner buzzed and chilled the air. Even the restroom looks so much like a five-star hotel room.

“What are you doing? Are you out of your senses?” Jude shouted as urine dropped from his member.

Before he could say another word, the woman started removing her clothes and within some seconds she was completely naked.

Jude tried to cover his eyes with one of his palms. He turned away from her and finished his business. Then he turned to face the imposing and attractive woman fully naked before her. She was so tempting yet devilish. As he looked at the woman speechlessly, he nearly lost his mind. He dashed towards the door to escape. The woman looked on; she was busy posing in all kind of seductive styles like a whore.

“You don’t know how many years I’ve waited for this opportunity. I told you that I always get what I want and this time you will not escape it” the woman said with all smiles.

Jude was busy turning the door knob without success.

“You are too handsome for me to ignore and all these while I have been dreaming of how your strong hand and macho body will feel on my supple skin. Don’t bother turning the knob I am with the key” the woman continued.

“You must be out of your senses!” Jude barked. He was visibly mad and furious.

“You need me to get out of here and this body must be satisfied” she retorted

“I am a married man, madam. I will do no such thing. You want to ruin my life. Please, don’t do this to me. I swore never to follow my father’s footstep” he started begging.

Jude pleaded with her but the woman was adamant. Jude knew the gravity and the consequences should he indulge in such great sin. He swore never to follow his father’s promiscuous way of life. All these while, he had successfully scaled through the odds without any problem and this will not be an exception.

“Oh I am sorry please, come and take the key. I am no more interested” Miss Bello said.

She made for her clothes and tried putting them back on. Jude was relieved. What he feared most was over. How it would have ruined him. He let out a loud sigh as he walked towards her to take the door key.

Immediately he came close, Miss Bello grabbed his trouser and began unzipping the zipper. It was a struggle that ended on a sad note for Jude.

“I will shout if you dare refuse me” Miss Bello blurted

“Shout for all I care” Jude let go her hand and rushed towards the door once again. This time, Miss Bello came rushing in her naked state. She grabbed his shirt and trouser, held on to it and began to scream.

“Rape! Rape!! Rape!!!” she shouted. Jude was like a thief caught in the act. He couldn’t believe his ears. He was stunned beyond imagination.

“Wait I will do it” he said out of fear.

“Good boy” Miss Bello shouted.

She landed on his mouth with a force that only an Olympic sprinter like Usain Bolt could describe. Like the feeling you get when you try to stop in full flight. She pounced on his lips like a hungry baby desperate for the mother’s breast. She kissed him like someone who has been starved of a good kiss for years. A little bite to the lips, she caressed his body and dragged him to the floor. By instinct, Jude responded immediately damning all the consequences as lust took the better part of him. It was hot, quick, furious, and rough and nearly took their breath away. Before Jude knew it, he grabbed her and placed her on the flap near the big mirror. There, he spilled away his nuts. It was like being possessed by a force you cannot help or control. As his heart pounded, he pumped away in heavenly bliss sharing the sweat of another woman who was bent on ruining his life. It was hot, steamy but lasted for some few minutes. In just few minutes, Jude brought a calamitous end to his once blossoming life.

Miss Bello moaned on top of her voice, shouting obscenities and whore-like jargons as Jude impaled her with his member. She twisted and turned as she screamed away sweet nonsense to the delight of his ego. Then within some minutes, it was all over. He unloaded a spray of thick pap-like substance into her. It was then that his eyes opened.

As he recollected these events, and the effect and ruin it is about to bring his family and the untold story still to tell, Jude thought of life as a big mistake. It would have been better if it was just the affair, but the fact that he tested positive to HIV even after many years of fidelity broke his heart. Just a one nightstand, ruined the life he gave all to build. That night, Jude resolved that the only way to bring peace to his life is to end her life…

The saga continues……………………………………………………………………………………………..

continue reading of this thrilling piece in The Haunted Soul FINALE: A THANDIUBANI SHORTSTORY

A piece of creative writing by
Alexander Thandi Ubani
©®Copyright 2013
A Poet, Playwright, Writer and Thespian

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Jodah profile image

Jodah 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

Wow so dramatic. Your words are very descriptive, and the story so sad. Good job.

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 3 years ago from Lagos Author

thanks brother for your kind remarks.

bless your soul.

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 3 years ago from Shelton

this was explosive from the solid madam to the cliff hanger ending.. so far so good Uban :)

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 2 years ago from Lagos Author

i am very grateful, sir. I take so much encouragement from your words. thanks

always exploring profile image

always exploring 2 years ago from Southern Illinois

Wow, I missed this second installment somehow. It seems Jude just can't catch a break, now on to the final...

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 2 years ago from Lagos Author

thanks Ruby, ya Jude is a man on a mission. LOL

thanks for reading...

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