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Fine reddish brown spice from the bark~

On top of brown warmed bread~

With oodles of butter and sugar sweet~

I have cinnamon toast melting in my mouth~

Reeling my head of the treat.

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Steamy thick with chocolate~

Milk rich like cream~

I sip the luxurious coco froth~

My cup a special liquid delicacy.

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My mind whirls with pleasant day dreams~

An afternoon of calming fun~

My heart leaps with joy~

As my mind wanders on the run.

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It is love that plays a role here~

A great affection for many and~

The Big Boss high above~

I am filled with adore-ment~

My imaginings in wondrous fragments~

As my thoughts release white doves!

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Swirling my ideas trick~

Twirling my feelings go~

Now settled on a Valentine~

Oh how good judgment no longer flows.

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Will I this year have a Valentine? ~

Will it come in view of my dreams way~

Dare I continue to dream of this positive attendance? ~

Or should my opinions come back to their senses demure~

I yearn for the happiness that would be the cure.

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Alas I have finished~

My dissolving treat~

The bottom of my cup now I only see~

Back to reality on this afternoon~

Enter now the mundane~

For I am me here no longer to silently croon.

Realism is the space that it now takes~

The truth is now clearly in its place.

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I set my cup and plate in the sink~

The cinnamon jar in the cupboard~

Butter and milk back in the fridge~

Than I pause for some moments~

In front of the wood stove~

As the air outside is so cold~

It would burn the nose.

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My computer I now sit at~

Never alone~

For I relish in my net friends~

While I have angels on my shoulders~

Never by myself~

Never forlorn-ed~

Just content with the rest of the afternoon~

Comfortable, satisfied with the grace of GOD~

The dark is creeping in~

As the day is almost through.


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv



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susan54 profile image

susan54 5 years ago

Lisa,VOTE UP! what a great job you did. I like it a lot. Thanks

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 5 years ago from Conneticut, USA Author

Thankm You susan54 ---What a nice treat you stopping by for New Years Eve...I hope your 2012 is wonderful!

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