There was a prince~

That lived very far~

All the way in the land of Tar.


He was to marry a princess-witch~

Who lived in the near by land~

Of Titch.


For another his heart yearned for~

Far away in the land~

Of Hasin Nore.


So he set sail~

Hoping the winds~

Would prevail.


Than jumped upon~

 His horse to cross with ease.

Galloping thru the land of Nease.


There on bended knee~

He found his true love~

Fast asleep.


He kissed her forehead~

As she did slumber~

In her glass made bed there under.


Alas she awoke~

She kissed him back~

And this is the end of the story folks~

Now what do you think of that?


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv

CopyRight10/17 /2010@LisaLuvLLC



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ankigarg87 6 years ago

nice story !

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 6 years ago from Conneticut, USA Author

Thank You ankigarg87 ---Just having a little mindless fun! Blessings

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