THe Rape of Lea

THe poem below is formed of a set of questions that each person must ask himself. Think of the distressed for a minute and all those rape victims (our own brothers and sisters ) who have no shoulder to cry on. WHo will show them support if we showed nothing. Now consider the situation: how are these victims supposed to continue with their lives as if nothing happens? Who is to be their guide when the dark memories haunt them at night. To them, you might not be there in physical form, yet emotional support cant remind a person that he is not alone. Having a blessed group of people next to you in times of distress is more than enough. And sometimes, a kind gesture can cure a bleeding heart.

Though this poem may not make sense to some of you, just take a second look before flagging it and think: what difference can you make today!


Torn apart like some butterfly wings

Ripped and stripped of her honor

Violated by the sewers that run through her core

She has fallen under the treacherous spell

Of the night that claims her whore

So after the dark settles

Who will mend her wounds?

Who will wipe the blood off her scars?


And if the [faceless] claims her its mistress

That which doesn’t have a given name

To shout when the nightmares haunt

Whom will she run to when everything falls apart?

When his claws savor her skin’s blood

Whom will she call up for help?

When there is no hope

And push comes to rape

And when the distress settles

Will she be herself again?

Will she rise from the ashes?

Or will she burn?



Who will reclaim the ashes?

Of a heart unintended

And who will cure the pain

Of a nameless girl violated


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debugs profile image

debugs 6 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris

Great poetry..good story too...

maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona

Who indeed !! In this uncaring and heartless world there are many who suffer man's inhumanity to man...I can barely protect and comfort those I love, let alone the rest of the needful world...Your question remains unaswered because no one heard it...They are too busy and focused on their own survival...

Written with heart and passion...Thumbs up, thank you, Larry

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