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Ever thought of writing but not in the mood to do so because you are not in your writing area or you are not in your comfort zone? Well guess what, there are actually some techniques on how to write down your ideas whether you are in your writing area or not. There are also some benefits in doing so. As a writer, whenever an idea comes up to our mind, it would be great to write those ideas down so you will not be able to forget them. In this article or hub, I will be providing some instances where you can jot down your ideas.

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Write in the middle of traffic

Always bring with you a pen and paper and place it in your car. A small notebook would do and a small pen that can be accessed when the need arises. Most of the time especially when you are headed to work you will be stuck in heavy traffic caused by rush hour. This would be your chance to jot down your ideas that you can come up with. It is a good way to kill time while waiting for other cars to move in front of you. You can also use the long waiting traffic to observe people on the street. How they interact with each other, how they do things accordingly and many more. Use these scenes as some of your background descriptive setting in your novel or story. You can even grab some scenery from people talking, dating or eating in restaurants along the busy street. There are even ideas that you can come up with when taking your kid to school and being stuck in heavy traffic.

Travel scenes and ideas

Everybody loves to travel to places that they never been to. We love to experience some things that we have never encountered. People’s culture can be used in your writing especially if you are traveling in faraway places. This can be used in your novel or story. In your story, this can be a basis of how your characters will act depending on their rightful role in your written work. You can even come up with your article to document the customs and traditions of other people. How other people act through their beliefs, customs, and traditions is already a good topic to be published in some magazines and articles. People will be interested and want to experience what you already have experienced by traveling, giving you the advantage to have more readers of your work.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source

Places as your setting

Faraway places that we have never been to are good settings for your story. Beautiful places can be described by choosing appropriate words that can compare the scene to things that normal people see. People will be amazed if you can picture the image through their thoughts through the use of your writing. That way, they can imagine what you have seen through descriptive words that you used in your story. Traveling through beautiful places is also a good topic for your articles. This works hand in hand if you have a camera with you. That way, as you describe your tour with your readers, they have an idea what the place looks like. Traveling is also one of the hottest niches on the internet nowadays so rest assured that you will have a lot of readers who will be reading your work and is interested in the places that you have visited.


Being from one place to another is a good advantage for a writer. Remember that you do not need to be in your comfort zone to write something. Whether you are stuck in traffic or you are traveling to faraway places, results will always be the same. You will always have plenty of ideas that you can come up with to improve your story, novel or article. You can even come up with poems through your travel. Just always keep in mind that you should have a pen and paper ready with you wherever you go. You should also have a peaceful and active mind for you to notice some things that can be used in your writing.

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