The same as What or Where

Who says How much is right?

Why should I stop giving my all?

When must I cease to fight?

Too is deficient of poor

And in excess of well.

Too’s ‘Good’ seems like Heaven

But its ‘Bad’ borders Hell.

Too much or Too high

Depends on what you compare.

My glorious thrill

Is your terrible scare.

I see a beautiful sunrise

You, a harsh blinding glare

I climb up on a stool

You say “get off my chair.”

Wisdom says ‘Average relates

To that which we aim.’

My normal is one thing

Yours may not be the same.

Don’t tell me I aim Too high

Just don’t make the same claim.

If I could- but don’t try

Would in fact be the true shame

Why should I fear TOO Good,

When greatness I can now acquire

Is this the ceiling of the upper room

Or just the beginning of one higher?

There truly are no Limits in-between

The dark of Hell and Heaven bright.

Hence, we must doubt self and God

To feel that 'Too' exceeds His Might.....

To expect just Wrong, instead of Right....

'Too' bows to Doubt, MY FAITH WILL FIGHT!



“Too” could be the rally-cry for anyone with a head injury, w/bipolar-type symptoms (or just anyone who chases a dream). It’s an older poem that I wrote several years ago. It was profound and meaningful to me at the time, but now I see it as more of a reminder of where I came from and a witty play on words. “Too” is another rebuttal I penned on my way home from a Psychologist appointment. I’ve been (correctly?) accused of thinking in Extremes. Each appointment I was monitored as to whether my mood was Too high or Too low. I don’t know.....? Sure some things are “safer” or more “realistic”, but ARE there “limits in between, the dark of Hell or Heaven bright?” It seems to me that the most important thing is just to make a decision- ANY decision- then stick to your convictions and go after it strong! Either way things are gonna work out or they won’t, but you’ll never achieve more than what you try.


Am I wrong?  

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