If only you were able to hear all the music in my ear

It plays every time you are near, every note sounds so sincere

When getting these feelings that I do, I know they're coming

straight from you, and every time you touch me too

I get these sensations that are new

All the happiness you bring, and the way your love is comforting

is making my heart sing it keeps me smiling

Sadness I have felt before hurt, and emptiness even more

Such loneliness to painful to ignore

but to those feelings you closed the door

Now the misery, and sorrow will disappear

So as I listen to the music from each eye falls a tear

One for joy the other for you my dear because of

the music you're not able to hear...


What inspired you to write this? You know that phrase people hear only what they want to hear? It's true! Once you found love and beauty in a person there are so many feelings. Many emotions going threw your mind like a melody.  When they ask you how you feel about them? How do you answer this?  "I respond with a  high note!"   


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generalbrat profile image

generalbrat 6 years ago from california,usa Author

I love the way you express words keep it up your a true poet my friend. You are truly orignal.

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