Here I am looking in the vessel~

But all I can see is the outside~

You have muddied up the container~

Yet I still wait to look in as a winner~

To keep pretense of my pride.

The vessel stands almost sound now~

Clear the cylinder was~

You poisoned the water within~

Yet I will never leave my post~

Knowing of your sin you did host.

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Two soaked stalks stand almost tall in the vessel~

Nurtured by me much~

You took them to yourself~

While I wait for them by myself.

Here I wait looking in~

My heart weeps with tears~

Here I hug the ewer~

I pray a loving time will grow more near.

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Clear glass the pitcher~

Rounded and forbidden at the top~

Here I stand alone~

Praying some day jadedness~

Will all come to a stop.

Deceit was your fortress~

Lies you wheedled around~

Making my job almost impossible~

Yet by God’s grace I will stand my ground!

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Here I am looking in the vessel~

As you coaxed them to your side~

They have to blame someone~

I cajole myself as I hide~

To ease their innocent stride.

Riches also play slopping in the vessel~

As you flaunted at them to persuade~

I can not see for now the babes I suckled~

Knowing it was me to begin their days.

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Charmed you appear to others~

While a victim I had been~

Still outside the vessel I stand~

Always trying to look in.


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv



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Fiddleman profile image

Fiddleman 4 years ago from Zirconia, North Carolina

Lisa an amazing write. Your gift on expressing the emotions into words is amazing!

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 4 years ago from Conneticut, USA Author

Fiddleman Thank You so Much ! I hope you have a grand SUNDAY!

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