Take This Kiss- A Song


By: Phoenixx Vann Der Snatsch

V1     I'm starting over again/ in my wicked end/ so I may be by myself./ But coupled with you/ I'm crazed by you/ I try to breathe in again!/ I sit here in place/ with a smile on my face/ burning up for you./ With lust in my eyes/ I try not to sigh/ Just at the sight of you! (Ch 1)

Ch     Take this kiss!/ And breathe it unto me/ in my time of strength./ Take this kiss!/ And have me for yourself/ So that I may belong/ In life's design.

V2     I'm losing my mind again/ So here now I beg/ for you to take me in./ Take away my fear and/ take away my pain/ and replace it with your passion./ Again and again I/ Lose all my senses!/ I lose all my self control./ I beg for you please/ Give me everything!/ I want so much more.! (Ch 1)

Br     My instincts are taking over!/ I cant control myself any longer!/ Ican't catch myself I'm going off/ Please! Take me over!/ Take me over!/ Take me over! (Ch 2, Ch 1, Ch 2)

Ch 2   Take this kiss!/ And take over me!/ In my time of need!? Take this kiss!/ And keep me for your own! So that I may become/ My own again!


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