Poetry:Take life for Granted

My reason, what;s yours?
My reason, what;s yours?

Taking life for granted

I think we all at times, take this beautiful life of ours for granted

I have sat in the shadows, way too long
Quieted my eternal crooning song
Seen the bottom of every hole in sight
Done awful things I can never make right
Hurt the ones closest to me
By watching my heart slowly siege
Mourned the loss too many times
Wasted my time with silly little rhymes
But no more I'm done, on with my life
Bring me the sunshine, send me the strife
Let me see the beauty in this fate
Let me live free, until my final date
Enjoy the breeze, rustling my hair
Do the things before I never would dare
I'm reaching for the stars, don't hold me down
Only smiles now, no more frowns
No more taking life for granted
Every morning, this is what I chanted

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vrajavala profile image

vrajavala 6 years ago from Port St. Lucie

really nice poem

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