Tall in Front - a poem

Perfect view through

a seat to be filled

Empty seat.

Good seat. Long awaited, this event.

Rare dollars tucked

into a jar for this

My seat a reward

A great seat.

Empty seat

in darkness feet, perhaps.

The last patron searches, checks,

and claims the seat.

In front.

Tall in Front.

I shift. Relief—a view still.

Stretching long neck,

repositioning askew front.

Movement, shuflling and fidgeting again.

I shift. Concern—a momentary change?

Presently, another orientation.

Taller in front,

rotated left, head tilted right.

I shift. Tilt. Sigh.

Tall in Front, settling

into arm-crossed slouch.

Stable. I shift. Sigh.

My own height unusual,

yet not adequate.

Long neck not long enough.

Average seat. Obstructed.

Tall in Front.

I stretch taller,

becoming ever more traitorous

To those behind.

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anupma profile image

anupma 5 years ago from India

Beautiful lines.......

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