Taos Pueblo ..........

Travelog ......an interesting place ........

The longest permanently occupied pueblo still surviving today , a thousand years of history. At least that's what they told us as we toured the sacred sight . The surroundings were very peaceful as a small tribally sacred river runs through the center of the village , Foot bridges crossed every so often . as tourists like myself walked quietly among the little shops and stores. I couldn't help but wonder though at little things that we passed , such as a bright shiny paddlock on perhaps a two hundred year old door , modern eighteen speed mountain bikes leaning against the walls . Interesting ........

Turning at the sound of a motor behind me , I watched as a "Hummer " pulled into the actual pueblo sight , okay I'm thinking .......Some non- native fool tourist who cannot read the signs leading him to the parking lot just outside of the visiter center gates. ........Nope ! ...... Two native Americans get out of the truck and go into one of the adobe walled sections of the pueblo ...........just small observations as I toured , what I thought would be a little less modernized.

As I walked onwards , going in and out of little shops , some of the natives not even looking up as I spoke or making any eye contact at all , ........... To be fair as we walked and talked though , to some of the more friendly artisans , we were able to learn alot . Family histories going back so far that the generations remain uncounted. One very friendly woman who explained her entire life story in twenty minutes or less . As I walked by a man at an outside table covered with trade tomohawks , peacepipes and a few prayer wrappings of juniper , sage and wildflowers wrapped up and for sale I noticed he as well would not even make eye contact !

And yet , all in all , it was a very interesting place to visit . The granite mountain faces above us , the sacred river in the center , and the tribal police car sitting at the "common " area with its blue lights blinking ........I thought , Not so much unlike the rest of America's cities , small towns and hamlets. One native lady explained that ," we have no electricity or running water within the pueblo's and yet her family lives "up in the canyon above the pueblo .....because we can have these modern amenties up there , you know , computors and such , and that she has a hard time getting her son to put down the computor games for very long" .

We had combined a trip of horseback riding , river rafting and the touring of native American ruins , Bandelier national historical sight , Puyey cliff dwellings and ruins. In general it was all a very interesting and enjoyable trip . The raft ride on the Rio Grand River Gorge was beautiful And my wife ......once again , fell in love with the cowboy wrangler at the horseback riding corrals. Her usual ! And what a handsome young devil he was ............looked a bit like some young blue eyed movie star , neck scarf checkered shirt and all , So I ask him ....." where are you from ?............

"Oh he says ......I grew up in Brooklyn New York." ..........Ohh ..........Hmmmmm ! .........
And for me ? I can't get over the song from years ago ..........."The Lights of Albuquerque" .....by a little known Jim Paul Glazer and the glazer Brothers .....check it out sometime ! thank you for reading about my vacation. .......Ed.....:-}

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cleaner3 profile image

cleaner3 4 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

Just your title drew me in, being that i am from Pueblo, Colorado. yeah it's kinda the way of life any more ain't it. even the past isn't sacred anymore. cultural family heritage is just agroup of words that they use to sell you something. kinda sad. thanks for taking me on the tour. great write.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Cleaner , I was kind of struck by the changes in cultures , You already know these changes being from Colorado and the southwest . Are we losing track of our heritage , our past ? I hope we reclaim our own past , thanks for stopping , I have been slackin lately !

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