Teacher with Passion


Teacher with Passion

Sitting in the middle of the classroom,

Towards the left, I can see,

Out towards the playingfields,

Passing time -

Instead of learning metre and rhyme.

Most of the pupils mocked you,

With your flamboyant ways,

Discussing the art and Miss J Hunter Dunn,

In an absolute classic by John Betjeman.

The skill behind the poem

Can be seen in writers like Wilfred Owen.

You may have thought it gone over my head,

Yet true fundamentals, you did embed.

Your passion for poetry,

Transmitted across the air my way.

You encouraged us to read

And learn the craft,

It was then, that you planted a seed.

Poetry has oft been my form of expression,

Even if at times I am still guessing,

But I thank you for investing the time,

And teaching the basics of metre and rhyme.

Your Legacy in a sense is laid before you,

For all who care to see.

Perhaps I am only one of a few

Who caught your passion for poetry.

Patricia Ann Ward 16/1/12

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

Many great teachers are often not thanked for the time and effort spent in encouraging poetic writing. Teachers are people who teach because they have a passion to instill wisdom and impart bits of wisdom to others. You have written a wonderful tribute to those who teach.

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journey

Good teachers must realize that they cannot see/determine all of the impact they have on students. This is a lovely reminder for them!

Tricia Ward profile image

Tricia Ward 4 years ago from Scotland Author

Thank RTalloni this is very true. The teacher I wrote this about to my knowledge has not seen this but he does live in the same village as me. He does know that I have had my work published in dozens of anthologies. So I guess he does know.

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