Tears Pray, A Poem About Child Abuse

Black Abstract
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Heritage in ruins

Roles at play,

Regular dysfunction

Stalled in discord.

Slashed souls

With fragile faces,

Tear you into pieces.

Identities pressed

Packaged in one,

The mind bleeds

Silenced in fear.

“Little terrors

Don’t cry, nor speak

Sit down,

do not move around,

let me be or

cop the whip!”

Tears drop

From skies above,

Alongside your pillow

“Sleep well little ones,

Healing is yours

Free you shall be

Hear me speak,

My spirit is

Your watch tower!”

© Copyright MegNezaj2011. All Rights Reserved.

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LisaMarie724 profile image

LisaMarie724 4 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

Child abuse is just awful, thanks for writing about this terrible reality. Check out some of my hubs also about abuse.

dalton71482 profile image

dalton71482 4 years ago from Tennessee

interesting. I liked it.

pearlmacb profile image

pearlmacb 4 years ago from Switzerland Author

Thanks for stopping LisaMarie724, yes its such a terrible reality, I just had to write a piece about this subject matter. I will visit your page as soon as time permits:)

Hi Dalton71482, Im happy to hear you like this piece!

rajan jolly profile image

rajan jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

Unfortunately, a reminder that though we have become richer in material things but become poorer in character. A sad truth!

Glad you brought this issue to the fore.

pearlmacb profile image

pearlmacb 4 years ago from Switzerland Author

Thanks for your response Rajan Jolly, you are sure right! There are heart-breaking stories popping up everywhere around the world. When will the abuse stop in homes!

Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

This is far too prevalent today. However, what is done under the cover of darkness, He will bring into the light.

Excellent write to such a terrible plight of children.

Voted Way Up and sharing

God bless. In His Love, Faith Reaper

pearlmacb profile image

pearlmacb 4 years ago from Switzerland Author

FaithReaper I appreciate you visiting this hub, thanks darling! Yes, darkness cannot hide in the light, and I hope this poem will be sort of a reminder for each and one of us to remain alert, in hope to rescue a child from on-going abuse.

Thanks 4 the voteUp & share :D

shiningirisheyes profile image

shiningirisheyes 4 years ago from Upstate, New York

I thank you for writing such a stellar poem regarding a subject that i know all too well. Wonderful job putting a spotlight on this important and much too common situation.

pearlmacb profile image

pearlmacb 4 years ago from Switzerland Author

@Shiningirisheyes, Thanks for visiting my hub, and I do wish you well. A heart drenching subject matter to write up on, but my goal for this piece was dark intended, without the gruesome details, I hope I have achieved that "Silence Must be Heard"

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