Tears for a Passenger

I wish I knew why am I crying,

Bad times don’t last and Good ones too

Are not permanently aligned,

It’s a knowledge immemorial, and still not

Engraved in tissues of our collective minds.

People come & people go,

All you have to do is, move ahead, and

Past you must forego.

This treasure of Experienced advise is given by

Grey and black hair alike,

But then, I am not you,

Practice and Preach both are different matters,

Its all I want to scream out loud,

With my hold tight on a Mike!

I wish I knew why do I still cry,

He was just another passenger,

Albeit an important one,

He had a short stop at my station,

Neither had he any work there,

Nor the requirement of tea or like variation,

Then why did his feet touch my ground,

I can’t comprehend his intention.

His was not the sole voice, yet lonely sure

Was before my station.

My happiness knew no bounds when on his map

he still marked me important.

I wish I knew why do I want to cry more,

He told the station master that I am not his destination,

That he’d found me nice & comforting, and a zone for

Relaxation and contemplation,

This important I’ll be always, even if he returns after

Years of friendly hibernation,

But his need I never was, and I never will be,

That he wants me to ignore him for others’ satisfaction,

He doesn’t want their eyes to link him & the station,

Since he cared he said, for our reputation,

And would not like them to judge us into a wrong relation,

That station master should stay aloof, for genuine care of

Passenger, and is bound to follow his directions.

Now he is going away to his journey, and here for

another one I will not wait again,

I have now my own fears and apprehensions.

-Charu Bhatnagar


Some thoughts

Some friends are just friends, like acquaintances, no more; Some are very good friends; but some are best friends. Some people may disagree with me as to categorization of friendship. But thats the way it has been with me. Its when your best friends become even more close, and its hard for one to go away from them; for any reason it maybe.

Tears for a Passenger by Charu Bhatnagar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at charubhatnagar.hubpages.com.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://charubhatnagar.hubpages.com/.

© 2011 Charu Bhatnagar

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writerscentro profile image

writerscentro 5 years ago from India

Heart touching to heartache

Charu Bhatnagar profile image

Charu Bhatnagar 5 years ago from India Author

@writerscentro: -

Thank you. :-)

Ivona Poyntz profile image

Ivona Poyntz 5 years ago from UK

A beautiful 'lament' over the old adage: two ships passing in the night. Lovely poem

Charu Bhatnagar profile image

Charu Bhatnagar 5 years ago from India Author

@Ivona Poyntz: -

Thanks. :-) Yes, its a lament, and sometimes poetry is the best form of expressing ur emotions and letting it all out in a creative flow. :)

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

...what a great evocative title only to be surpassed by the chosen words which follow - part storyteller/part poetic narrative/part impressionist and philosopher - you are a very fine writer indeed --- lake erie time ontario canada 1:39pm

Charu Bhatnagar profile image

Charu Bhatnagar 5 years ago from India Author

@epigramman: -

I am so touched by your compliments. Thanks a lot really. :-)

Swetankraj profile image

Swetankraj 5 years ago from India

A great poem! Really your thoughts and views are too great and your imagination power. It really shows up in your work!

Charu Bhatnagar profile image

Charu Bhatnagar 5 years ago from India Author

Thank you very much Swetankraj. You yourself have done great work in a short period of time only. keep it up. :-)

Thelma Alberts profile image

Thelma Alberts 4 years ago from Germany

A great poem! Thanks for sharing.

Charu Bhatnagar profile image

Charu Bhatnagar 4 years ago from India Author

Thank you Thelma, for reading, liking and commenting. :-)

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