Tears on Trails

Across the mountain hollows

There rings a cry of sorrow

A chant cries up within the tribe

Upon their steeds prepare to ride

The settlers have come to live and stay

Upon the land sacred to this day

The wildlife trembles upon the sound

From the eagle high, to deer on the ground

Cherokee warriors, mighty and strong

Decry the white man all day long

Whipped into a fighting frenzy

Across the land there rose a plenty

Our land this is, for now and ever

Our blood and tears will depart never

Old and young, wise and new

The tribe once again was on the move

Crowded from their sacred land

Because of the might of the white mans hand

Chiefs and warriors, squaws and children

Gather around and boldly listen

History is passed from mouth to mouth

As the mighty tribe migrates south.

Tears fall on the sacred land

Bonding woman and man

Their beloved land is stolen again

When will the pain, ever end.

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Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 5 years ago from Shelton

very impressive up and awesome is my vote

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