Tell Me A Blonde Joke

A Blonde On The Highway

Someone, mayhuri, if I remember well, asked a joke about blonde. Here is one!

A blonde on the highway was waiting for a drive. A brunette stops and invites her to get in the car. She does it and they go away. After few miles the brunette stops the car,

The blonde asks: "Why did you stopped?"

"We are out of gas!" answers the brunette.

"Jesus! How smart you are! I would never realize that and I would keep moving!" sais the blonde.

How does the brain of a blonde look like?

Two Blondes Making A Puzzle

Two blondes finish to make a puzzle and one sais:

"We are great. We've made it in two weeks, and look what is writing on the cover: "From three to six years!"


I don't believe in the blondes stories, I am just hearing them. Actually, I know few blondes smarter that me, and I am convinced that there are more which I don't know. This doesn't mean that the exception makes the rule. Remember one thing: "A joke is a joke, and only the thruth hearts!"

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