Ten Minutes of Forever by Andrew London: Book Review

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What if you knew you are dying of cancer? What if you loved a woman for years but never had the chance to meet her in real life? What would you do? And how far would you go to meet the love of your life and spend with her those Ten Minutes of Forever?
The excellent romantic nautical adventure, Ten Minutes of Forever by Andrew London is a well written and highly entertaining romantic adventure novel; it should appeal to romance and adventure fans across the globe.

In the story Ten Minutes of Forever, the main character Bartholomew Hart Peterson (Percy) is dying of cancer. Being aware of this he is ready to captain his own boat and dive headfirst into long dangerous sea adventure. He takes his sailboat down the Mississippi River into the Caribbean and out into the open sea, coming across angry storms, hungry sharks, cruel cannibals and all the way fighting with his incurable illness.

The reason for that was the woman he truly loved but never met in person. Gioia May Chow (Wren) lived in China and for fifteen years they had been pen pals. Their friendship had begun as a high school social studies project and with time it passed into a beautiful feeling called Love.

Andrew London - a Pulitzer and Nobel Prize nominated author last year.
Andrew London - a Pulitzer and Nobel Prize nominated author last year.
Ten Minutes of Forever
Ten Minutes of Forever

My thoughts

The book Ten Minutes of Foreverimpressed me very much, because it reveals many things that are very actual nowadays: conservation, cancer fighting, true love…

We love our family, our friends, our country, our life, and ourselves. These are all the things we hold dear to us in all the choices and plans we make. To lose them is to lose everything.

Some live their life and have never found the time to find a true love. Love has not changed at all over the course of history and this makes it the most important emotion in the human mind, body and soul. In Ten Minutes of Forever, the main character found that true love...

Yes, first of all it is a love story because only love makes us stronger, courageous, caring, loving, kind, patient, etc. Only loving someone we are ready to face everything in this life. And only this beautiful feeling made the main character to make that dangerous sea trip alone facing all the danger in his way.

The main character of Ten Minutes of Forever, Percy, found his true love but hasn’t had the chance to meet her. The following is a passage taken from the book where we can read the touching moments of daily ritual of reading her love letters:

“As he read the letter, a single tear creased his handsome face as the memories came flooding back. This became almost a daily ritual. Every time he got into his car, he would randomly pick a letter and read it, thus reliving the exact moment when he read the letter for the very first time. It was always a painful ritual, since he was here and she was there, but it was a ritual that he performed daily out of love and devotion. The miles that separated them were astronomical.”

It touched me very deeply and it brought tear to my eyes when by the time his mother realized that he could never go back.

Being a man, the author managed to show us the amazing feelings of a mother towards her child. The scene is very emotional:

They embraced as only a mother and son can embrace; deep and loving. She carried him within her womb for nine long months, and her body nourished his, as his grew within hers. There is a bond there than cannot be broken, yet at this moment, she could feel it breaking.”

Being in his very unsafe way to meet her, he always had her in his thoughts.

And then he thought about Wren, her fair skin and black hair, those piercingly dark eyes and petal soft rosebud lips. He missed her, yet that puzzled him. How could he miss a girl that he had never physically met? He had never heard her voice or looked into her eyes or touched her soft warm skin. All he had was the letters and an old photograph; nothing more. But still, there was a yearning in his heart.

He missed her.”

Even though he has never meet her, he loves her very deeply. This is a perfect example of long distance love. This illustrates how love, if persevering, can live forever.

Love is not only the means to an end, it is the end itself. It is the reason for being.”

Long distance love is very actual nowadays, due to the Internet. But we really have the same scenario like the main characters of the book with the difference they were pen pals.

This universal theme seems to repeat itself through all of time. From Romeo and Juliet, to Percy and Wren, it is proven that love lives on. It has been established throughout time that love, when strong, can conquer all.

Only when I finished reading this wonderful romantic story, I have understood the true very deep meaning of Ten Minutes of Forever! I was overwhelmed with emotions because it really touched me very deeply!

The book Ten Minutes of Forever is really beautiful and won’t leave you indifferent.

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JannyC 6 years ago

Excellent review. I am definately wanting to check this book out.

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nikipa 6 years ago from Eastern Europe Author

JannyC, thank you for the nice comment!

I am sure, this is one of the books that will stand against the test of time.

Jonathan T. Urdlink 6 years ago

This review is very actual.

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nikipa 6 years ago from Eastern Europe Author

Thank you for stopping by!

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amy2000 6 years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed Andrew London’s Ten Minutes of Forever. Thanks for telling me about it here on your page! Most of the authors living today scribble meaningless and inconsequential things that do not elevate the mind or the soul. But when I read Andrew London’s beautiful words I know in my heart that what is essential will endure, even under the weight of greed, even under the shroud of egotism, because our own resistance to inappropriate uses of power becomes our insistence that moral reform is not only necessary but critical to safeguard the dignity of not just human life, but all life.

nikipa profile image

nikipa 6 years ago from Eastern Europe Author

Amy, I am glad you liked it! Thank you for reading and sharing your opinion!

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nikipa 6 years ago from Eastern Europe Author

From some reliable sources I have found out that today it is Mr.London Birthday.

Dear Mr.London,

On this special day I hope that your Birthday is filled with joy and happiness. This birthday wish is sent with warm and caring thoughts and wishes for the year ahead.

I hope that all your dreams come true as a special person like you deserves all the best in the world.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Andrew London 6 years ago

I just wanted to thank everyone here for your support.


Andrew London

ayuni 6 years ago

Great book, love it !!!!!

nikipa profile image

nikipa 6 years ago from Eastern Europe Author

I am happy to find out that we have here another nice comment from a reader who has appreciated the true value of Ten Minutes of Forever.

Thank You Ayuni!

nancy 6 years ago

OMG! This story is so beautiful. I cried all the way through the whole thing. I read the book cover to cover 5 times already and I can’t get enough of it. The book’s cover is equally as beautiful. I love the way Andrew writes. Very nostalgic. The book could have been written 60 years ago. If a movie is ever made from this book, it will be an instant classic. Like the movies of Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart.

nikipa profile image

nikipa 6 years ago from Eastern Europe Author

Thank you Nancy! Its great you share your opinion here!


Andrew London 6 years ago

Hello everyone, I just wanted to thank everyone that bought my novel. I also want to share another story with you all. This is a TRUE story!

The impossible happens every day! Yesterday something amazing happened to me that I'm calling “The Dandelion Miracle.”

I was out in the back yard near Tramp and Midnite’s graves. It’s now the end of September, and I was wishing that I had some flowers to put on their graves. I miss them so much. It’s been a year since their passing, and the feeling in me was quite overpowering. I looked around the yard, but alas, it is now autumn and so there are no flowers anywhere. Even the grass is turning brown. Then, all of a sudden, I noticed a spot of blue in the corner of my eye. I turned and looked at it, and behold, it was a single, beautiful wildflower! I walked over to it, with the intention of plucking it from the cold ground and putting it on the graves. I knelt down and really looked at the flower. It was powder blue, soft and beautiful, about the size of a half dollar coin. I reached out and touched it, and as soon as I made contact with the stem, I thought to myself, “it’s the only one here… I’d really hate to kill it.” The compassion in my heart overpowered the feeling of wanting to put a flower on the graves, and so I stood up without picking the flower. I turned to look back at the graves, thinking “flower or no, I do still love you and miss you both.” And just then, I noticed it… a single yellow dandelion! It was as if the universe was offering me a second choice… or as if the flower was offering itself, saying, “pick not the beautiful wildflower; I give myself instead!”

So, with heartfelt gratitude, I picked the humble dandelion and put it on the graves. I stood there for a moment, recalling the joy that my two boys had given me over the years (I had Midnite for 8 years, but Tramp was with me for only 5), and the terrible loss that I experienced (losing them both last year, only 6 days apart) last year when they died. And then, when I was done, I turned away from the graves to walk back to the house, I was taken aback! My entire yard was covered in dandelions! They were everywhere! It was really amazing! However, an hour later, when I brought Ishmael and Bo outside for their walk, I noticed that all the dandelions were gone… even the one that I had put on Tramp and Midnite’s grave. But the blue wildflower remained. For the remainder of the day my heart was filled with a wonder that I haven’t felt in a long, long time!

Thanks for allowing me to share this with you.

Sincerely, with tender love,

Andrew London

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nikipa 6 years ago from Eastern Europe Author

Amazing story! Thank you Mr.London for sharing it with us, readers! I do appreciate that!

There are the best moments in our life....

Let us learn to cherish them.

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed".

D. James Rogers, Library Media Specialist, St. Louis, Missouri 6 years ago

Andrew London is the most talented author working today!

S. Bradley Scotts 6 years ago

Andrew London's writing is so highly charged with energy it gives off sparks!

Kurt  6 years ago

My, how Andrew London can tell a story!!!

Catholic_Warrior_1969 6 years ago

Mr. London's writing is so concrete, kinetic, manifest, that it seems not to have been cogitated into words.

Rick32671@yahoo.com 6 years ago

No one has ever done it quite like Andrew London!

Otto Hall 6 years ago

Andrew London IS the old man of the sea! Here’s some trivia I just learned last week at a San Diego book signing: Ten Minutes of Forever is actually a fictionalized account of the trip that Andrew actually made back in 1987 when he was 30 years old. Some things in the story he changed: the name of his yacht was actually the Andrea Michele, it was a 29’ sailing sloop, his port of call was St Louis, he did not take any firearms or weapons. But other things were factual: he did make the trip alone and with no modern navigation gear, the gar scene in the marina actually happened, the storm scenes were true but the yacht never rolled, the scenes with the whales and sharks were true, but the scene with the squid was fiction, as was the episode with the cannibals, although he did swim with dolphins many times during the trip. But yes, for YOUR information, there ARE still cannibals living on the islands surrounding New Guinea! To Andrew London and all the other grizzled old sailors out there, you have my utmost respect. I salute you!

nikipa profile image

nikipa 6 years ago from Eastern Europe Author

Thank you All! Very interesting comments! It was interesting to read all your opinions. We have learned something new.

Thank you for stopping by!



Rick32671@yahoo.com 6 years ago

Thanks Nikipa for your nice reply. I've noticed that most reviews for this book have been good, but there's been a few reviews that were particularly mean and nasty. Normally it requires several readings of Ten Minutes of Forever before the reader begins to realize the key to the riddle in the form of London’s personal address to him. While the novel purports to be the solitary ruminations of a contemplative hermit in a boat on the sea, the prose is actually written in the rhythms of public speech. London is not musing, he is orating! He is not speaking softly to one person, he is lecturing to multitudes. As we gradually penetrate the subtlety of this novel, we come to realize that Ten Minutes of Forever is a painstakingly constructed, exquisitely organized literary creation of the highest caliber. In truth, London labored over the work for seven years, whilst the completed version of Ten Minutes of Forever is actually a philosophic montage incorporating over thirty years of introspective study and a lifetime of experience. This brings me to the subject at hand: the gross contempt that some reviewers have for Andrew London and this work in general, Ten Minutes of Forever. Hateful criticism is no stranger to the author. All of the great literary minds, from Poe to Melville to Thoreau, have been attacked vehemently by critics lacking in the intellectual prowess to actually understand the depth of their writings. Of this, London is no different. Yet there always seems to be something hollow in the criticisms of London. These bad reviews do not come from intelligent men, but on the contrary, they emanate from jealous and bitter individuals whose only method of raising their own notoriety is to try to tear down the reputation of others. This, of course, never works. It only makes the critic appear stupid and foolish. Andrew London, like Thoreau before him, says only this in the wake of those that would slander his name and work: “I require of every writer a simple and sincere account of his own life, and not merely what he’s heard of other men’s lives.” Truly, only a man of experience can hope to understand the profundity of London’s writings; all others are merely lost in the rhetoric. Again, I thank you for posting this forum to showcase Ten Minutes of Forever and Mr. London. Sincerely, Richard Kitsmiller.

Joshua James Kelley 6 years ago

Andrew London's 2nd book, "The Noble & the Bold: The Legend of Black Harry the Pirate" is available now. You can buy the book at http://www.publishamerica.net/product37883.html.

ISBN: 978-1-4560-3374-3

Joshua James Kelley

Mt. Olive, Illinois

Josh 6 years ago

I don't know why the above link isn't working. Just paste it into your browser. It will work that way. Thanks.

Joshua James Kelley 6 years ago

This is on the back cover of the book, The Noble & the Bold: The Legend of Black Harry the Pirate...

"In the middle 1600's there was a thousand ways to die. If the plague didn't kill you, there was always the Scourges of God, those Catholic priests of the Inquisition who excelled at, and delighted in, torture; for the pirate there was the end of a rope on the gallows or a glorious death at sea; and for the slave, it was an ignominious death, beaten down, robbed of one's human dignity, your freedom stolen, and cowering in the dirt like an animal. Dhani Bandawe was born in a Jamestown tobacco plantation settlement in 1620, at the beginning of the slave trade in the New World. No one would have ever imagined that a poor American born African Negro slave would grow up and break the fetters of slavery, and become Black Harry, the most powerful and feared pirate in the entire world. In a career that spanned over thirty years, he commanded a motley crew of buccaneers that conquered the sea and strangled all those that tried to usurp him. This is the story of Black Harry's glorious rise to power fueled by anger, vengeance, and an indomitable will for survival and freedom; a savage fight against the white barbarism of racist slavery, where the only way to succeed is to be more savage than the enemy!


...and so begins a revolutionary new tale by Andrew London; The Noble and the Bold is romantic, suspenseful epic poem, set in the West Indies of the 17th century when imperial pain was making its last great stand to hold onto its conquests in the New World. It's the story of one man's fight for freedom in an ever increasing racist world; fueled by vengeance, he fought against tradition, he warred against hate, he battled against greed; one man against an empire...

against the world! This refreshing poem is a welcome change from the traditional offering of the publishing industry in the romance and adventure genre. Fresh. Exciting!"

Andrew London Literary Enterprises 6 years ago

Andrew London's 3rd book, A Man Out of Season, is currently being printed and will be released worldwide in a few months!!!

Andrew's first book, Ten Minutes of Forever, was self-published through Xlibris Publishing, however it was so successful that it attracted the attention of a huge East Coast traditional publisher! They published his 2nd book, The Legend of Black Harry the Pirate, and they are also publishing his 3rd book, A Man Out of Season. The details concerning the re-publishing rights to his first book, Ten Minutes of Forever are currently being discussed. They will re-publish the book in early 2012!

Andrew London Literary Enterprised 6 years ago

There are some people that have posted hatred against Andrew London because of the pro-vegetarian message in his books. They are just dumb! They don’t know the facts! Here, for your benefit, are the true facts!

There is 1 acre of agricultural land for every person on Earth. This is far more than enough to provide an adequate supply of food for a vegetarian, who only requires ¼ an acre. Those who depend on animal protein for food, however, require 3 acres of land per person. This is a very significant difference; approximately 12 times more land is needed to feed a meat-eater than a vegetarian. This equation alone proves that meat-eating is the main cause of world hunger!

As the population of the world increases, more and more good agricultural land is disappearing. Look at this equation to further understand this problem: 1) If a man chooses to use his 1 acre to feed cattle, he would be able to produce enough meat to supply his protein requirement for 77 days. 2) If he used his 1 acre to produce milk, his protein requirement could be met for 236 days. 3) If he used his 1 acre to produce wheat, his protein requirement could be met for 877 days. 4) If he used his 1 acre to produce soybeans, his protein requirement could be met for 2,224 days.

This comparison is emphasized even further when you realize that 21 pounds of protein must be fed to cattle in order to get just 1 pound of protein in return! This difference between the amount of protein fed to cattle and the amount returned comes to 48 million tons, enough to meet 90% of the world’s protein deficiency if it were fed to them as cereal.

Currently nearly ½ of all the land that is harvested in the United States is planted in crops that are fed to animals. These crops include corn, oats, wheat, barley, soybeans, rye, and sorghum. Add to this is 1 million tons of fish products, and you get some idea of the amount of our food resources that are used to produce meat. This is taking place at a time when millions around the world are either starving or are undernourished, and even though the vast majority of Americans get too much protein in their diets, starvation in the United States remains a daily threat to thousands.

When these statistics are taken into consideration, clearly the production of animal foods cannot be justified on an economic basis!”

Water must also be considered. Water is just as essential for maintaining life, yet water is becoming more and more scarce. While our population continues to grow, more and more of our water is becoming contaminated and unfit for use. There is an endless need for water in industry, agriculture, drinking, and other uses. But how is this connected with eating meat? Let us examine the facts:

2,500 gallons of water a day are required to provide food for a meat-eater, but only 300 gallons a day are needed for a vegetarian.

The global human population is increasing by approximately 208,000 persons a day. So, by becoming a vegetarian you will help put an end to world hunger!

Please understand that meats of all kinds are unnatural food. Flesh, fowl, and all seafood contain bacteria that infect intestines, causing colitis and many other diseases.

Research has shown beyond all doubt that a meat diet can cause cancer. It is an established fact that meat protein causes putrefaction twice as quickly as vegetable protein. There is no ingredient in meat, except Vitamin B12, that cannot be procured in products of the vegetable kingdom. Meat is expensive, second-hand food material and will not make healthy, pure blood or form good tissues. The nutritive value of meat broths is practically nothing, for they always contain uric acid and other poisons.

The argument that meat must be eaten in order to supply the body with sufficient protein is unreasonable. Protein is found in abundance in beans, peas, lentils, and nuts of all kinds.

Meat is composed of muscle from the animal, along with varying amounts of fat and other tissues such as nerves and blood vessels, as well as many toxic substances that we cannot even see. At the time of slaughter, all the vital processes that were taking place in the animal came to an immediate halt and the toxins that were in the tissues at the moment of death remained there. Some of these toxins are urea, uric acid, creatinine, creatine, phenolic acid, adrenalin, various bacteria, parasites, hormones, antibodies, pesticides, herbicides, and other elements the animal had been exposed to and eaten while still alive.

Chemicals that are occasionally found in fish are lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. Pesticides such as DDT are slowly degradable in the body, so it accumulates in the fat and the muscles of animals. Meat, poultry, and fish contribute 13 times more DDT to the average diet than do vegetables.

Women who eat meat have a tenfold greater chance of developing breast cancer than vegetarians. The American Health Federation statistics show that 50% of all female cancers in the Western world, and about 1/3rd of all male related cancers, are related to nutritional factors.

A one-pound charcoal-broiled steak, well done, contains 4 to 5 micrograms of benzopyrene, and amount to what a person would get from smoking 300 cigarettes!

I could go on and on, preaching about the evils of a meat-based diet—evil because of the cruel murder to the animals, and evil because of the bad effect the meat has on the human body—but I won’t. If you’re interested in furthering your knowledge of the benefits of a healthy vegetarian diet, please read ALL of Andrew London’s wonderful books!

Help put an end to world hunger and cancer—become a vegetarian and encourage your friends and family to do the same!

The above facts were compiled from the American Dietetic Association and the President’s Science Advisory Committee.

houstong1942@aol.com 5 years ago

Andrew London is the most generous person in the entire world; on October 5th, 2011, he placed ALL of his books in the public domain as a gift to mankind. They can be read for FREE in their entirety at http://www.scribd.com/andrew_london_6

nikipa profile image

nikipa 5 years ago from Eastern Europe Author

Thank you Housetong 1942 for informing our readers!

I am sure a lot of people around the world will truly appreciate the valuable gift! It is really something really worth reading. He has dedicated a lot of time a efforts to create those pieces of art.

Thank you Mr.London!

dAbOoKwUrM 5 years ago

he has given his books to the world for free? he has placed thim in the public domain? is he lev tolstoy reincarnated? this is awesome. i don;t think any modern writer has done this. they are too greedy selling boks and making movies. god bless andrei london.

Anum Cara 5 years ago

Thanks for this page, Nikipa. I just finished reading Ten Minutes of Forever (on Scrib'd)and it was everything that you said it was, and more! I was wondering, have you written other Hubpages on Andrew London's other books and novels? If so, what are the URLs? Also, since all of his books are now in the public domain, wouldn't you think it would be a fine gesture to get a bunch of international friends together and start translating his books into other languages. It would be a great way to honor this brilliant genius if we could get his books translated into Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and a bunch of other languages.

TRUTHSEEKER 5 years ago

It’s not even 2012 yet, but the signs of the times are already here! And yes, it all makes sense now! Andrew London IS the NEW Zarathustra! This isn’t quite clear until one reads his epic masterpiece, “The Chronicles of Caiwryn.” And now, that he has vanished from the public eye, yes, I understand it all NOW! Some compare London to Tolstoy, but that’s ludicrous! While Tolstoy may have been an intelligent man at one time, in old age he threw his genius away when he abandoned his atheism and returned to embrace the fictions of religious theism. No, Mr. London’s not a Tolstoyan! He’s the SUPERMAN of which the philosopher Nietzsche (1844-1900) prophesied! We should be happy that he’s alive among us, for we are living in blessed times! Let me elucidate, if I may, for the uninitiated… when Nietzsche wrote his books he knew his audience was very small, if any at all, for he said, “my books belong to very few; perhaps none of them are even living yet.” And certainly, Mr. London wasn’t alive when he penned those words. But like Nietzsche, London doesn’t bewilder himself with those who shun his work, ‘for only the day after tomorrow belongs to him!’ People are sheep and the ‘herd mentality’ runs deeply through mankind. People are concerned with inconsequential absurd things (ie: Harry Potter, Twilight, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, sports, fashion, wealth, fame, etc); but Mr. London’s novels (more philosophy than mere entertainment) are anything but petty gibberish. And so there are many that hate him: the good and the just hate him and they call him their enemy; the believers in the orthodox faith hate him and call him a danger to the multitude; the arrogant hate him and disparage his name and his work. And so he has left the world, for Mr. London’s not the herd’s shepherd! But to draw many from the herd, for THAT purpose has HE come. He breaks up their tables of values; he smashes their beliefs; he causes them to THINK about things they don’t want to think about; and then he engraves new values on new tables! Like a modern-day Moses he comes to deliver a new message. Who among us is brave enough to hear THAT message? Without a doubt, Mr. London’s not a herdsman; he’s not a gravedigger; he has nothing to do with herds and corpses with loitering intelligence! And that’s what society is—a herd of ignorant (albeit, breathing) corpses—that’s marching off into oblivion, oblivious to their TRUE and ULTIMATE potential. It doesn’t surprise me that Mr. London has withdrawn from the literary scene (he even removed his books from Scrib’d, although I’m sure that they’re still in the public domain, although where they can be found is anyone’s guess. I believe that the sincere seeker will be able to find them IF they’re diligent in their search). I can understand why he no longer wishes to discourse with the people; for apparently, he has spoken to the dead for the last time. To the lone-dwellers only will he sing his song, and to them who still has ears for the unheard, will he bestow his gifts. Truly it is more dangerous among men than among animals! Long live Andrew London, wherever you are!

dAbOoKwUrM 5 years ago

I was making the connection with Tolstoy because Andrew gave up his copyright and put the books in the pubilc domain. Tolstoy did that too. That's no reason to say I'm ludicrous. That's just rude!

TRUTHSEEKER 5 years ago

FYI, dAbOoKwUrM, it was a ludicrous statement you made. 1st off, Andrew is better than Tolstoy, so, IMHO, comparing him with Tolstoy is stupid. Tolstoy was born rich, inherited his family's estate when he was 19, and lived off of his book royalties until he was nearly 70 years old. By that time he had so much money, he didn't need the royalties anymore. He just lived off the interest of his money. So by putting his books in the public domain was nothing more than a publicity stunt for him. For Andrew London, it's quite different. He's genuine! For one, he's not a worldwide bestselling author. For two, he's nowhere near 70 years old. And for three, he's been living in poverty all his life. Therefore, for him to renounce his copyright and put his books in the public domain is a genuine selfless act. It's certainly not a publicity stunt. Also, I think he's a better writer than Tolstoy anyway. Everyone's read War and Peace and Anna Karenina. But have you read A Confession, or Memoires of a Madman? They are so much whining drivel. Nothing but a I'm feeling sorry for myself rant. And while his abandonment of religion into nihilsm and atheism was a smart path to take, he wasn't strong enough to stick with it. In the end, he came back to Christianity, although he condemned the Orthodox church and invented his own religion, based on Christ's teachings on the Sermon on the Mount. Andrew would never go back on his philosophic ideology. He's much too strong for that.

Claire Madison 5 years ago

Andrew London is not world famous. His books are not bestsellers. He has not won any literary awards. He does not even earn an income from his labors as an author. Despite that, Andrew London is to literature what Bobby Jones was to golf. The man writes because he loves it. He has written eight books during the past two years, and on October 5th, 2011, he followed in the legendary footsteps of Leo Tolstoy and renounced his copyrights and placed his work in the public domain as a free gift to the world. I agree completely with Dennis James Rogers: Andrew London is the most talented writer working today; nay, he is the greatest writer to have ever lived! But more importantly than that, Andrew London is a great human being. His uncompromising message of unconditional love will echo throughout the ages as a beacon of light in this ever darkening world.

Cindy Garcia 5 years ago

News flash: I just heard through one of my friends that Andrew is currently working on adapting Ten Minutes of Forever into a theatrical script for the stage! I can’t wait to see this play! If it’s half as good as the book it’ll be amazing!

Andrew London 5 years ago

ATTENTION: Dear friends, fans, and loyal supporters, I've just completed the theatre adaption for Ten Minutes of Forever. This is NOT a film script, but a script for the theatre stage. Please email me at andrewlondonbooks@gmail.com to receive a FREE copy of this play.


Andrew London

Stacy 4 years ago

Linda are you here?

Linda 4 years ago

Ya, I'm here.

Stacy 4 years ago

I wonder how many others from that blog are here?

Linda 4 years ago

I don't know. Hopefully all the people that support Andrew and his work.

Stacy 4 years ago

Yeah, I can’t believe the hate that that blogger was throwing at Andrew. It just aint right. Andrew’s a good writer and better yet his heart is in the right place. He gives all his money to charity. I heard a rumor that he’s homeless by choice

Barry 4 years ago

Hello everyone!

Linda 4 years ago

Really? Because he gives all his money away for good causes? Incredible.

Stacy 4 years ago

welcome barry!

Linda 4 years ago

I wonder how he feels about all the negativity on that blog?

Barry 4 years ago

Hey, I saw Mr. London at an author’s symposium, and being a fledgling writer myself, I asked him how he dealt with bad reviews. He said he don’t pay much attention to reviews, good or bad, because no matter who you are, there are always people who love you and who hate you. Reviews are impractical to gauge your career by. I asked how to deal with a person that repeatedly attacks you and his answer totally blew me out of the water. He said if a person foolishly does me wrong, I return to him the protection of my love; the more evil that comes from him, the more good I will send to him. The fragrance of goodness always comes to me, and the harmful air of his own evil returns to him. Think about it: if a person declines to accept a gift, to whom does it belong? It remains with the giver. Since I decline to accept hate, it remains with the hater. The hater can spew evil words all day long but the truth remains—it will not be a source of misery to me; as the echo belongs to the sound, and the shadow its substance, so the misery will overtake the hater without fail.

Stacy 4 years ago

That's deep!

Lorraine 4 years ago

Do we expect anything less from Mr. London?

Stacy 4 years ago

No, I guess not.

Linda 4 years ago

Hi Lorraine!

Barry 4 years ago

Lorraine (((HUGS)))!

Lorraine 4 years ago

Has anyone found any other websites for Mr. London?

Stacy 4 years ago

Welcome Lorraine!

Barry 4 years ago

There used to be a fan site. I think it was by the same Nikipa that started this hubpage. But I can’t find it online anymore.

Linda 4 years ago

He used to have a Scrib’d page. It was cool. It ad all eight of his books there and anyone could read them for free. There was over 10,000 reads in one week. But now the page is gone :(

Lorraine 4 years ago

I can’t find anything anywhere. No facebook, no myspace, no official website, no personal blog, nothing.

Barry 4 years ago

The only thing out there is this hubpage, that evil JT Brandt blog, and a few amazon pages

Stacy 4 years ago

Linda did you download his books?

Linda 4 years ago

Ya I downloaded all of them.

Stacy 4 years ago

Can you send them to me?

Linda 4 years ago

no prob.

Stacy 4 years ago


Stacy 4 years ago

have you read them all?

Linda 4 years ago

Not yet. I read ten minutes of forever and a man out of season. They were both really good. I’m reading the chronicles of caiwryn now, which has been retitled the secrets of phantasoddysea for the pdf edition. It’s huge! 722 pages! So it’ll take me a while to get through it. But so far it’s a work of brilliant genius!

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