Ten Simple Rules for Freelance Writing Success

Irrespective of whether freelance writing is a dream you have always followed or a hobby you have recently embarked on, these easy steps will help you achieve freelance writing success.

1. Write - write every opportunity you get. You will get better at it this way. As the old saying goes, “practice, practice makes perfect!”

2. Outline – create outlines during your free time so that you can write faster when you get down to it

3. Read – read widely and improve your general knowledge, improve your creativity and give insights into what people want to read

4. Listen – great ideas are usually found in the most unlikely places; the wash room, pub gossip, elevator, dry cleaners etc

5. Watch – observe your surroundings keenly, you never know when this could lead to a “light bulb” moment

6. Use your life experiences – everyone has interesting experiences other people would love to hear about. Turn them into stories

7. Ask – consult with other writers. You may learn a thing or two

8. Teach – teach others about your profession, you tend to master a subject when you become a teacher

9. Study – improve your skills by taking classes, attending seminars and entering contests

10. Review – continually compare your past writing with your current to gauge if you are getting better

Freelance writing success is a journey. Success comes from a series of well executed actions. Each action moves you closer to your goal.

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nighthag 6 years ago from Australia

thanks for the great tips!

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