Terminal 4

Plane landing at LAX
Plane landing at LAX | Source

Terminal 4

Terminal 4 lies at the end of the hall.

The approaching sign suggests the end,

the point of departure

and a time to say goodbye.

I begged you not to go,

but the choice was not yours.

Some things, it is said

Will always be beyond your control

Regardless of will or strength

or stubbornness.

I see your legs tremble with fatigue,

as florescent lights fight the emerging darkness.

Through the vestibule you walk alone

though I am right beside you.

A spiral of regret and reminiscence

lie buried just beneath my eyes,

as I try in vain to comfort you.

The cyclone within only emerges

when restrained tears trickle past

your distorted reflection as you turn away.

A departure from stone

from earth and water,

flesh and blood.

I watch you as your image,

fades against a crimson blue sky.

Fluttering through the air,

beyond my scope

I must gesture my fair well.

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Kattarena 6 years ago

Thiis is amazennn:D

Nuff Nuff 6 years ago

So incredible, amazenn piece. no its onderful(:

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