Another Summer Day in Texas

Morning At My House

Sunrise | Source
Mist in the Pine trees
Mist in the Pine trees | Source
Mist in the pine trees
Mist in the pine trees | Source
Ferns waiting for the sun to feed them
Ferns waiting for the sun to feed them | Source
Rosemary growing in pots waiting for their daily dose of the sun.
Rosemary growing in pots waiting for their daily dose of the sun. | Source

Waiting For Morning

It is dark outside. The sun has not made her entrance
Although it is getting light in the east. The world is at
rest for a moment before another hot August day scorches
the grass and plants we so eagerly put in pots in the
Spring. There is no beautiful majestic sunrise here.
A gray, leaden sky that does not portend the rain we
so desperately need hangs solemnly above us. Even now
the birds are singing their morning song. All is still and quiet,
with not even a breath of wind to jostle the leaves on the
branches. A mist hovers in the treetops. Ever so slowly
the sun announces her presence, and another day unfolds.
A sense of wonder and expectation resonates just for a moment
in the peaceful interval before night is banished by the arrival of
the sun! God’s children awaken to pursue their dreams.
The gift of another day here In Texas in the morning has arrived!

Sandra Mireles
Copyright © Sandra Mireles August 2009

Good Street Bluegrass Style Music in Austin Texas

Thank God For The Rain

Rain during the summer drought
Rain during the summer drought | Source
Rain seen from my front door during the summer drought.
Rain seen from my front door during the summer drought. | Source

Hot, Sultry Days and Humming Christmas Carols in Texas

Texas has many moods but all of them are special. There is nothing like waiting for day to appear on a summer morning with the promise of hot sweltering weather to possess the land. It is a reminder that although midday might be miserable, there is relief and joy to be had if one takes the time to find it. Texans start dreaming of the wonderful relief of fall as we hold our breath waiting for the dangers of hurricane season to pass. The thoughts of Christmas begin to tantalize us with memories of family, cool weather, and the joy of the Season brings a brief pleasant relief from the moment. So try not to think too badly of Texans who are humming Christmas carols in July and August. It is a coping mechanism that gets us through the hardest part of the year!

Just Another Texas Day

Red Bellied Woodpecker
Red Bellied Woodpecker | Source
Hawk | Source
Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk
Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk | Source

Texas Morning

One More Summer Day

Birds are singing. The world slowly comes alive as the sun peeps

out of the darkness on its long journey round the earth.

A hawk rests on the wood fence as I peer through the window.

A newly hatched grass snake makes a run for it as the hawk darts

down for breakfast. The woodpecker has returned to his morning

work outside the fireplace. Peck! Peck! Peck! Peck!

Sounds of the neighbor's dog barking at a mouse in the back yard

waft over the back yard fence; and my chiming clock warns me

that it is time for the day to begin.

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Moh 3 years ago

You beautiful peosrn! Thank you for the kind words. I adore your gentle spirit, and I hope our paths cross again. All the warmest, brightest and best! Olivia

judydianne profile image

judydianne 7 years ago from Palm Harbor, FL

I'm with you! We have some hot days in Florida, as well.

A beautiful hub.

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