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Textbroker, probably the most popular US site that allows people write for direct money, has finally launched in the UK. This is good news for UK writers as at textbroker.com, you had to be a resident of the US to write.

The site launched on 1st December with authors allowed to sign up immediately and clients allowed to post jobs from the 12th.

As Textbroker UK seemed to be an answer for me as a self employed person to earn money during those 'dead' times, I signed up right away and looked forward to the articles coming in.

I should perhaps say here, that when you sign up, you are asked to send a sample piece of writing in and that is then rated from a level 2 (legible) to a level 5 (professional). I was categorised as a level 3 which I was happy with as a starting point. Textbroker UK actually rate each piece that you submit, so it is possible to go up as well as down and I'll come to that in a minute.

Initially, perhaps unsurprisingly, there were hardly any jobs and the ones that were coming in were all level 4 which I wasn't allowed to do. After a couple of days I spotted a level 3 one, grabbed it and wrote it and got an 'excellent' feedback from the client. I then waited for the next one and waited and waited. There simply weren't any appearing in level 3 or even 2; they were all appearing in level 4.

I then wrote to Textbroker UK and asked how I would be able to get to a level 4 if there was no work for me to do to be upgraded on. They kindly offered to 'mark' the one that I had managed to send to a client and that managed to get me into level 4. Great news; I did a couple more quite soon after but unfortunately, both of these were graded by textbroker as level 3. This was down to my not using commas sufficiently. Now this is fair enough, but once again it has put me into level 3 and there is no work available and it's piling up in level 4, which from a client's perspective, can't be good as from what I can see, there are hardly any level 4 writers and the work seems to be getting backlogged and I really want to get my hands on those so I can get my grading back up (or at least get some money coming in from it .. as you can guess, level 3 pays less than level 4).

On looking through the website, I notice that if you look in the 'authors' section, it describes level 3 as being 'good quality' where as if you look in the 'clients' section, it describes it as being 'average' which I think is a little unfair and gives clients a poor impression.

One other comment to make is that within the last year I have used the Textbroker US site to have a couple of articles written. One of these was level 3 and the other, level 4. In both cases, I'm as sure as I can be that they were written by someone whose first language wasn't English, so I'm currently feeling a wee bit aggrieved by the process.

BUT ... I'll stick in there a while refreshing my browser hoping to grab the odd rare level 3 job that comes through and perhaps as it builds, there will be many more of them, but for now, it looks a bit dry but only time will tell whether Textbroker UK will be a viable site for UK writers I guess.

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Chaval profile image

Chaval 5 years ago from UK

Hi Charlie.

The level 4 articles are pretty poorly paid, so I hate to think what they pay for level 3. It's a bit of a Catch 22 in that the pay rates mean you really have to churn the copy quickly to make it viable, which means you are unlikely to come up with the pristine glory that qualifies for a level 5. I would not be surprised if they have to rethink their grading in future. Clients are not posting any jobs in levels 2 and 3, so it basically boils down to Level 4 (dirt cheap) and Level 5 (dearth of writers).

charliegrumples profile image

charliegrumples 5 years ago from UK Author

Yes, and from reading forums, I believe that a lot of US writers became dissilusioned with textbroker leaving level 3 a poorer quality. The difference between the two in payment terms isn't huge though it is significant. There is a school of thought that says that the time spent checking for grammatical errors in order to obtain a level 4 rating is simply not worth it ... It may well be better accepting a level 3 and churning them out. I'm waiting for grading on 9 right now .. not sure why it takes them so long as there haven't been a huge amount of available articles.

You are right about level 5 at textbroker.co.uk ... That must be pretty near unobtainable I suspect, given that there have been the same 5 articles sitting there for over a week now and presumably nobody at that level to write them. Level 4 is not dissimilar .. you can almost see the same 2 or 3 people doing them as they slowly disappear from the list. There have been no level 3 articles for a couple of days now though there is one client who puts batches in at a time and I've had excellent ratings from them so I'm hoping word gets around that level 3 is good quality too.

All that said, I do like the way it operates overall and if the work is there, even at level 3, it's handy for me to earn some extra cash when other work is slow.

Ben 5 years ago

Having the same problem here, I just signed up for textbroker UK and there's just not the traffic going through the site. I'm new to writing and even at level four, I spent 2 hours writing an article for 5 euros (also, why euros?).

charliegrumples profile image

charliegrumples 5 years ago from UK Author

You are right there Ben though, apart from the last couple of days, there has been a small but steady flow of level 4 (obviously no level 5 writers though as they are just sitting there and have been for days). To be fair, it hasn't been going long in the UK so it may take time to get going. Shame from a writers point though that they allow Australian and Canadian writers as that reduces the pool even further.

Personally I wouldn't dream of spending 2 hours on an article, even at level 4. For a 500 page article, I;d be looking to spend a max of 3/4 hour or it just isn't worth it. It does depend on the topic .. some for example are quite obviously for SEO purposes and little more for example there were a load a while back on various types of envelopes so I do a small amount of research then write a decent article which presumably is used for backlinks.

Hope things improve for both of us anyway.

Oh and I think it's in euros because their office is in Germany

charliegrumples profile image

charliegrumples 5 years ago from UK Author

wahoo .. just grabbed one :-) ... Think you do have to check very regularly as they don't pop up often. That said, this will be a harder one and I probably wouldn't have taken it if it hadn't had a 3 day deadline

Uninvited Writer profile image

Uninvited Writer 5 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

I joined up in December and I'm just writing my first article now. They put me at level 4 to start, hopefully I'll stay there. When I checked the other day there weren't even any jobs for level 4, only level 5. I can't remember how to find the writing style guide, is there one or was I just imagining it?

By the way, I am in Canada and overjoyed I can write for Textbroker. It would be best for everyone is they started a Canadian site :)

charliegrumples profile image

charliegrumples 5 years ago from UK Author

There are several level 4 at the moment though some are very small ones that don't seem popular ... Ones that get a 5 category tend to sit there forever as I think there are only about 2 or 3 writers in that category .. I'd say 4 is a good place to be ... I've managed to stay there for longer now so I'm happy .. made nearly £200 last month so a useful addition

Anon 4 years ago

I signed up a month ago and was accepted as a level 3. I immediately saw that there were no jobs for anything below level 4. I checked the next day and saw the same thing. I gave up but have just visited again and it's still the same. Very poor site.

charliegrumples profile image

charliegrumples 4 years ago from UK Author

Yes, I'm a bit surprised to see how few level 3 jobs there are ... however, some do appear but you need to be on the ball to grab them. For me, it's worth doing that and taking your time with the grammar. I went back to a level 4 and have survived the last 2 inspections.

QualityContent profile image

QualityContent 4 years ago

I am also a member of this site. There is absolutely nothing at level 3. After my first few days there I was lucky to write a few at my level of three. Since then I have written a grand total of zero and I check it ongoing throughout the day. Can't make money when there's no work at your level!!

charliegrumples profile image

charliegrumples 4 years ago from UK Author

whilst I do feel that Textbroker are overly strict in their gradings, I think that all you can do is to bite the bullet and keep checking ... there were a few level 3 and 2 yesterday though not a huge amount. Just grab whatever is available and even if it is a level 2, write to the best of your ability, keeping in mind any comments Textbroker have made. If you do this, hopefully you will eventually be level 4 and there's a fair bit going through there right now.

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